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Start the Ignition — Grow Vehicle Sales with Group Texts

Tue, 01/12/2021 - 10:10 — Lauren Goldenberg

One’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party. When it comes to marketing towards a $985 billion-dollar industry, you want to be able to reach your entire audience with the simple click of a button.

Texting is the most efficient channel for connecting with customers quickly and effectively. With 98% open rates that are typically read within minutes of receipt, you can be assured that your message will be seen — and appropriately acted on. And fast.

Whether your dealership caters to drivers in the market for their next new or used car, RV, motorcycle, ATV, or boat… dealership text messaging will put you in the driver’s seat for accelerating your sales quotas.

1. Drive Traffic and Vehicle Sales with Group Text

Promote a sale or special event to potential buyers via group text messages that include must-drive-that-car images, videos, and trackable links.

An image or video of a big-ticket item (like a new vehicle) will surely catch a potential customer’s attention. While this is particularly true of buyers who are already in the market, a well-timed text can help surge…

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Use Text to Boost E-Commerce Sales & Elevate Customer Experience

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 14:52 — Lauren Goldenberg

In a year where the retail sector is projected to decrease 9.4% due to COVID-related temporary closures — adding the power of text to your e-commerce sales workflow is more important than ever.

Time-strapped, cost-conscious, and virus-weary consumers have shifted their purchasing habits online. It’s a trend that didn’t start during the pandemic and it won’t stop once the need to socially distance is lifted. Customers will be even more enticed by the convenience of finding, comparing, and purchasing products on the go.

Online auctions continue to see a spike in revenue... while many brick-and-mortar stores have rushed to add a robust e-commerce site. Those that don’t have generally been hit harder by the economic downturn. 

Meanwhile, services like Amazon Prime have elevated consumer expectations to include real-time order updates, delivery notifications, and payment receipts. Daily deal providers like Groupon are moving to mobile communications as well, promoting incentives while avoiding email fatigue. Subscription box services like Birchbox and Blue Apron will increase in popularity as customers continue to value their variety…

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10 Steps to Cure Abandoned Cart Syndrome

Tue, 12/08/2020 - 16:15 — Lauren Goldenberg

Abandoned cart syndrome cuts straight to the heart of e-commerce. Potential buyers flag an item (or several items) for purchase... but click away before the final checkout 😢 . 

Naturally, carts are discarded in brick-and-mortar settings, but it’s especially frequent for online shopping… and so much more costly. Statistics show carts are abandoned annually at an average rate of 70-80%, and at a tune of about $4.6 trillion dollars.

In a 2019 SalesCycle study of over 250 leading global retailers (including Dyson, Puma, and others), researchers discovered even higher spikes in some industries (jewelry and home furnishings top out at over 88%), and learned that major sales help to curb the abandonment trend. For example, Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically see a 5-10% decrease.

But it’s not just that these lost opportunities are causing a flawed sales funnel. They can…

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Enhance the Power of EZ Texting with our Mailchimp Integration

Mon, 12/07/2020 - 16:49 — Lauren Goldenberg

Ideal for SMB’s in sales and marketing, Mailchimp amplifies multi-channel campaigns and boosts engagement and outreach with customers and leads.

Integrated cross-channel campaigns are the major trend in marketing these days. Why? Because advertising isn’t always a one size fits all. Various channels can target subscribers and inspire engagement quite differently.

Text marketing is an incredibly valuable channel for delivering instant, real-time alerts, notifications, and reminders… which you know will get read, thanks to its 98% engagement rate. But email marketing remains a powerful and ubiquitous tool. Even better? Using SMS and MMS text marketing efforts in unison with email.

Below, we share our pro tips for how to maximize our integration with Mailchimp.

Key Benefits of Leveraging an Omnichannel Campaign with Email & Texting:

1. Help Drive New Business & Market to Existing Customers

Grow your reach by combining the power of texts and email. When used together, they can create an even more impressive and cohesive marketing tool. You’ll increase customer loyalty by delivering an enhanced customer experience. 


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How to Help Your Business and Customers Avoid Text Smishing Scams

Fri, 10/09/2020 - 11:41 — Lauren Goldenberg

As if 2020 wasn’t delivering us enough to contend with. Now, many of us are receiving unwanted SMS text scams (supposedly, but not really) from USPS. And with Amazon Prime Day kicking off soon, along with what may be a rollercoaster Black Friday-Cyber Monday-Holiday Shopping Season that may basically last the rest of the year (hopefully giving a nice boost to the economy), two things are for sure... There will be more shipping than ever before. And more scamming.

SMS phishing — also called “smishing” — is the act of committing text message fraud to dupe unsuspecting victims into revealing account info, their trackable location, or installing malware. The ruse typically includes links to fake websites (that often look legit) and/or requests for personal data ranging from passwords to social security numbers to common ID/password protection questions.

High-Tech Scammers Have Gotten Sleek, Savvy, Stealthy — and Increasingly Dangerous

Not all heroes wear capes. And not all scammers appear shady. Smishing has become a well-oiled machine. So brilliantly deceptive that people may not even realize they’re being hoodwinked — until it’s too late. “The scammers are pretty…

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Real Estate Listings Reach New Heights with Zoom Towns & MMS Messages

Tue, 09/29/2020 - 12:46 — Lauren Goldenberg

Take your listings to new heights, whether you specialize in residential or commercial real estate, by zooming your focus far, far out — with aerial photography.

Drone photography (as well as drone video content) is among the most buzz-worthy real estate trends to play to your advantage by pairing with MMS marketing — delivering timely info to your leads where they really live: their mobile phones.

But don’t take it from us. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) advises brokers of the very same on their website: “Many commercial properties or large parcels of land do not lend themselves well to traditional photography.”

And this goes double for residential homes, where NAR notes that imagery from drones (aka Unmanned Aerial Systems) are an “incredible tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to streamline the research process necessary to buy a new home.”

Add to that our current pandemic reality, where many buyers may opt for viewing properties virtually — not…

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Don't Miss a Perfect Recruit: Personalize the Hiring Process with SMS

Thu, 09/17/2020 - 15:13 — Lauren Goldenberg

“Often, the mavericks who've skipped the box-ticking in life are the ones we're seeking.”

So explains Dawn Graham — a highly sought-after career coach, author, and one-time recruiter — for her article in Forbes.

And it’s true, isn’t it? It’s the risk-takers in life — the out-of-the-checkbox thinkers and road-less-taken adventurers, with unique (perhaps even renegade) backgrounds who typically generate the most creative solutions with the most visionary talent.

They’re the Steve Jobs of the world, the people you want at your company — typically inspiring, illuminating, and successfully pushing the envelope. They’re different, they stand out — and they’ll make your company stand out as well.

Why Does Potential Get Overlooked?

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized our world and the way we do business in countless wonderful ways. But when recruitment and the hiring process has gone full AI, things can begin to feel a bit… well, artificial.

It’s no…

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Punctuation Has New Rules... and You Should Learn Them

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 15:13 — Lauren Goldenberg

Can an exclamation point alter your business? What about a question mark? Or an ellipses?

A) Maybe!
B) Maybe?
C) Maybe…

Perhaps it’s hard to choose because they’re all so different. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

The English language — or any language, really — is a marvel. Constantly evolving, regenerating, and revolutionizing the many ways we connect with each other through beautiful prose, haughty lyrics, daily conversation, and the lightning speed-rounds of text messaging and social networks.

But communication isn’t limited to linguistics. Throughout the history of language lovely flecks of punctuation to mark momentum and add various shades of context have come in and out of usage. Texting sometimes abides by its own language — like the welcome use of emojis. It’s also shifting the way we employ punctuation.

Here are seven common punctuation marks and how to think about them while composing texts for your business. 1. The Period

Ah, so simple. So pure. So… final. In general day-to-day usage, the period clearly ranks as the most common…

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Text Messaging Redefines the Pharma-Physician Relationship

Wed, 09/09/2020 - 18:06 — Lauren Goldenberg

Size matters. Why do you think you never hear of “Little Pharma?” The pharmaceutical industry is a massive, sprawling, vibrant ecosystem all of its own — and as such, it’s an essential industry that can never take a break. Not for a holiday, nor (especially) a worldwide pandemic.

Medications and vaccinations for all types of disorders and diseases must continue to be discovered, developed, produced, and marketed.

But like most of the world, the industry has experienced tectonic paradigm shifts in its business model this year. Beyond all the digital triage — ie the telemedicine and virtual appointments — drug company sales representatives’ relationship with healthcare providers (HCPs) have also been perhaps forever altered.

Face-to-face conversations between doctors and pharmaceutical reps — once the standardized norm — have (at the moment) virtually all but disappeared.

As have lavish dinners and hobnobbing conferences. Even the once simple strategy of dropping off samples at the doctor’s office with the aim of striking up a conversation (and some business)… has faltered.

In our current reality, communications…

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Shopping While Texting: Distracted Shopping, Impulse Buys, and Retail Growth

Thu, 09/03/2020 - 06:00 — Lauren Goldenberg

Don’t text and shop — or you may end up spending more than you bargained for.

Much like you would never want to be distracted while operating a motor vehicle, a sidetracked consumer can be equally accident-prone — but with their wallet. Distraction inherently breeds risk. A reduced ability to devote to the focal task at hand (say, purchasing the lemons tonight’s recipe requires… or selecting just the one pair of shoes you need for vacation) lends itself to the likelihood that plans will go awry.

Multi-tasking while texting, talking, or checking social media on mobile phones theoretically buys back time. And time is money. But shopper beware: this deal comes with an extra price tag attached — and it can be costly.

Distractions While Shopping Lead to Impulse Buys

Marketers map out a variety of goals they want customers to accomplish as they lead them through the full funnel experience of their customer journey. Naturally, these include accepting the call to action of a planned purchase — as well as digesting the messaging of advertisements (paid/print/digital/social), signing up for free trials/offers/subscriber lists, and…

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