Diversity at EZ Texting

Join our journey to cultivate an inclusive culture that empowers our employee community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at EZ Texting

At EZ Texting, we believe in culture-adds, not culture fits. We aspire to center the diversity of each employee’s experiences, prioritize equitable opportunity to grow and succeed at all levels, and cultivate an inclusive environment for all EZ Texters.

We do this not only to better serve our growing customer base in innovative ways, but because each of our experiences working at EZ Texting represent our company as a whole. Equity, and inclusion are throughlines of the employee experience at EZ Texting, starting from the candidate experience, weaving through stages of growth and success for employees, and ultimately takes the shape of our global community.

Below, you’ll see early learnings from our journey. As diversity, equity and inclusion are iterative processes, we ask all employees to join our growth in championing a truly inclusive community at EZ Texting.

Starting with Diversity

We know that diversity of experience fosters innovation and leverages different skills, experiences, and perspectives towards greater impact, so we commit to building a diverse team that reflects the customers that we serve.

Our recruitment and selection process is standardized and includes a debrief protocol designed to mitigate bias. Our Recruitment Team provides training for all hiring managers on inclusive interviewing tactics, and each recruiter sources candidates by function from a broad range of sources and backgrounds.

As a fully virtual employer, we seek top talent from locations across the country, allowing us to sustain a diverse workforce through flexible perks.

I’m grateful to work at a company that shares my vision to foster a culture that keeps DEI at the heart of every decision pertaining to People Operations. It’s refreshing to be a part of a team that advocates for organizational norms, policies, programs and practices that are equitable and inclusive.

Nieema Moore, Senior Manager - People Operations

With our newly formed DEI council I have more opportunities than ever before to listen to and celebrate different people and cultures, both within the organization and outside of it.

Eitan Nirenberg, Director - UX Design

Equity for Every Employee

We offer a full slate of inclusive benefits and perks to ensure we are meeting employee needs across all phases of life and career.

Our PTO policy is unlimited for exempt employees or an accrued balance with floating holidays for non-exempt employees to allow flexibility across all personal circumstances. Each employee has 4 days of paid time to volunteer annually and receives flexible stipends to enhance personal wellness and professional learning.

To ensure all members of our community have equal opportunity to grow and succeed, our talent review, annual review, and compensation processes are intentionally designed to preserve equity with multiple calibration points to eliminate bias in performance review. 

Our Inclusive Community

To build and sustain a diverse workforce, it is our responsibility to create a foundational culture where every member of our community is celebrated and supported towards success. Our DEI Council, a group of 9 individuals across functions and levels across the company, collaborates across all employees and with senior leadership to champion diversity and inclusion. The DEI Council works towards a more inclusive community through developing employee programs, communication channels, and education and awareness opportunities.

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Employee Programs

Executing employee programs that provide support and build a strong, distributed community for all EZTexters.

  • In its first year, the we designed EZ Texting’s Employee Resource Group policy and is co-launching ERGs for Women and LGBTQIA+ Employees and Allies.
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Building lines of open dialogue to foster awareness of DEI initiatives and progress with internal and external audiences.

  • We host monthly DEI discussions for all employees to foster connection and deepen awareness on topics of identity and inclusion.

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Education and Awareness

Providing opportunities to build employee capacity and awareness on creating an equitable and inclusive culture.

  • We organized a bias training program for all employees with plans to offer for all new employees and regularly host heritage celebrations such as Black History Month and Women’s History Month.

Our Work Continues

As we are early in our journey to become a truly equitable and inclusive organization, we celebrate how far we’ve come and know there is always more work to do. Diversity, equity and inclusion at EZ Texting will evolve as we learn and grow. We are committed to keep our aspirations high, reflect on ourselves and the field with critical and humble eyes, then dig deep into our challenges because our work continues.