Facebook Signup App

Getting Started Guide

Our Facebook signup application allows you to add a signup form as a tab on any Facebook page that you manage. You must have a Facebook page (typically for a business) to use this widget, as Facebook no longer supports custom tabs for member profiles. We’ve built out our signup app directly into Facebook. We'll show you how to create and install it.

Step One - Connect your EZ Texting Account to your Facebook Account
To begin the creation of your Facebook signup app, log into your EzTexting account, expand the Advanced Features options on the left navigation menu, and select the EZ Texting Extras Option.

On the EZ Texting Extras page, select the Facebook Signup App option, and you’ll be taken directly to our Facebook signup application. If you’re not already logged in to your Facebook account, you will be prompted to do so with your Facebook username and password.

One logged in, click the "Set up your form" button to continue.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your EZ Texting username and password to allow the signup app to access your account.

Step Two - Create your Signup Form

Choose whether you wish to allow your contacts to choose the groups they wish to join.

Select the group to which the contacts will be added, or the groups the contacts may select to join.

Select the fields you wish the contact to enter (phone number is the only required field).

Compose your enticement message (signup Facebook application header).

Compose your confirmation message (successful signup header).

You can also choose to include a text message auto-reply, which will be immediately sent to the contact once they fill out and submit their information on the form.

Step Three - Preview and Post

To view how your signup app will look, click on the Preview button at the bottom-right of the page. A pop-up will appear showing you exactly how your signup app will appear to your contacts. 

After previewing the signup form, you can make any desired changes and then click the “Share on Facebook” button.

Facebook will then prompt you to choose the page on which you wish to post the signup app (must be a business page) by using the drop down menu. Then click the Add Page Tab to add the app to your desired Facebook business page.

Step Four - Grow your Contacts List using your New EZ Texting Facebook Signup App

Now that you’ve installed the EZ Texting Facebook signup app on your page, your contacts can opt in by filling out and submitting their details, thereby automatically adding themselves to your EZTexting.com account.