SMS Marketing for
Construction & Home Services

Texting software can have a big impact on small business growth, especially construction, landscaping, pest control, and house and rug cleaning services.

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102% increase in SMS marketing's conversion rate during 20201

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83% of consumers would like to receive booking appointments via text2

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88% regularly ignore phone calls from businesses and unknown numbers3

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80% of text messages are read within 10 minutes of receipt4

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Text Marketing Solutions for
Construction & Home Service Businesses

Focus on promotions, alerts, payment solutions and appointment scheduling and reminders.

  • SMS Solutions for Scheduling and Booking
  • Automated Appointment and Billing Reminder Texts
  • Marketing Campaigns to Generate New Business
  • Direct, Two-Way Texting for Customer Communication
  • Trackable Promotions and Mobile Coupons

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Why Text Is the Right
Solution for Home Services


Text Messaging Software Offers Your Construction, House & Carpet Cleaning, or Home Services Business Boundless Marketing Opportunities

   Attract Customers with Special Offers
Offer exclusive discount codes and special offers to first-time customers.

   Send Appointment Reminders
Forget tedious calls that go straight to voicemail. Use text to automatically remind clients of upcoming appointments.

   Rebook Canceled Appointments
Don’t lose revenue due to a late cancellation. Text loyal members with a discount if they pick up a last-minute opening.

   Engage 1:1 with Clients
Share best practices and respond to questions from clients from the convenience of your texting platform.

   Notify & Alert Customers
Send time-sensitive notifications and alerts to keep clients and employees safe and informed.

   Send Payment Reminders
Notify clients of upcoming payments or an outstanding balance via an automated text to improve cash flow.

   Share Information Faster
When there are changes in scheduling, text messages are the fastest, most efficient way to notify employees.

   Reach People on the Go
Nearly everyone carries a mobile phone, making text messaging a highly effective way to reach employees.

   Send Instant Alerts
If inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances interrupt your plans, let your staff and crew know immediately.

TCPA Compliance: Above & Beyond

We make TCPA compliance easy with features including double opt-in security, automated opt-out functionality, and SafeSTOP, to add required opt-out messaging with one simple click.
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Which EZ Texting Plan Is Right for You?

No matter which plan you choose, EZ Texting’s reliability and expertise will be backing your construction SMS marketing. No hidden fees. Trial for free. Cancel anytime.


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“EZ Texting has had a positive impact on Broadly's ROI by allowing us to communicate special offers to our customers. It is a great platform for service companies to use in order to communicate with loyal customers."

Marketing Manager - Broadly Marketing for Home Services

Our Customers Love Us. The Feeling’s Mutual.

Construction and home services are improving their businesses every day with EZ Texting. 


EZ Texting


465 reviews


Best Comms Solution

EZ Texting enables us to be relevant in our community. SMS/MMS allows us to remain engaged with out clients. I like the ease and use of the website, import function, and reply feature.


Easy to Use

EZ Texting is easy to use and a good value for the money. It is very intuitive and can be used without much instruction. I like that you can upload lists and it won't duplicate your entries.


Connecting with Customers

EZ Texting allows our business to engage with customers quickly and efficiently. [They] offer a report once your message is sent so you have peace of mind knowing that your customer got your message. What a great service for connecting with customers

Powerful Features
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MMS Picture Messaging

Make your text marketing messages pop by adding pictures, GIFs, or audio and video files. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages deliver more engagement and supersized ROI.
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The EZ Texting Mobile App

Manage your account, add contacts, and stay connected to your customers, wherever you are, by downloading the free EZ Texting iOS mobile app.
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2-Way Texting & Text-to-Landline

Our self-service 2-way messaging feature allows you to send and receive texts using your existing business phone number or a new, textable 10-digit number.
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Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated short code is a 5- or 6-digit number that is reserved for use by one business. Dedicated short codes offer guaranteed throughput, unlimited Keywords, and low messaging fees.
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Streamline Your Workflows with Custom App Integrations

EZ Texting works closely with popular applications like Constant Contact, HubSpot, Shutterstock, and Squarespace to help you integrate texting into your campaigns with ease.

  • With our easy-to-use integrations, you can quickly sync systems to one another — without the need for a developer.
  • Automate contact management across platforms — including CRM tools, email marketing systems, and thousands of apps.
  • Integrate home services texting with your current workflows to be more organized, efficient, and productive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you find that your small business is spending a lot of administrative hours answering phones and returning calls and voicemails in order to schedule appointments, SMS can help you streamline your operations. For example, EZ Texting allows for bulk SMS as well as direct, two-way messaging so that clients can text directly to make an appointment. Many small businesses are already using online appointment-making software, which a construction or pest control company can integrate with an SMS workflow using Zapier, which connects software apps together. Once the appointment is made, use text messaging software to send automated reminders and confirmations for a construction or house cleaning appointment.

Once you sign up for an EZ Texting account, sending promotions to thousands of customers at once can be achieved in a matter of a few minutes. Unlike email, a promotional text can be composed quickly and easily, and it still has a bigger impact. Research reveals that customers are 4.5 times more likely to respond to a promo sent via SMS than email. Yet, like email, text message marketing is an opt-in-only activity; therefore, recipients have to subscribe to receive your SMS for construction, landscaping, or any other home services.

If you have a client that wants to pay by text or you would like accept payments via text, you or the client will need to work with a payment processing firm that has a text-to-pay feature. In many cases, a transactional text-to-pay account is not affordable for small businesses like construction companies, general contracting businesses, or other home improvement and installation services. However, if you recognize that your clientele wants to send mobile payments or you are spending too much time chasing down past-due invoices, text messaging software can help contractors and construction firms automate their payment processes. For instance, when a service is complete, an SMS with a link to an invoice can be automatically sent. Or when a payment is due, an automated billing reminder can be sent via text message.


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