New Survey From EZ Texting Reveals Evolving Consumer Texting Behaviors and Preferences

June 14, 2022 — SANTA MONICA, Calif.

The 2022 published report documents consumers' increasing comfort and interest in receiving text messages from businesses and organizations.

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SANTA MONICA, June 14, 2022 — EZ Texting, the premier text marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses, today released its 2022 Consumer Texting Behavior Report.

As the competition to attract consumer attention intensifies, more businesses and organizations are turning to text messaging for its unrivaled 98% open rate and fast response times — most texts being read within 15 minutes of receipt. A highly versatile business tool, text powers everything from promotions and loyalty programs to emergency alerts and appointment reminders.

EZ Texting surveyed more than 3,000 U.S. consumers to determine their attitudes, behaviors, and preferences regarding text messaging. The results reveal that text messaging has only gained in popularity since EZ Texting last conducted this survey in 2021, with more consumers than ever preferring the speed and convenience of text messaging to other channels.

Highlights From the 2022 Consumer Texting Behavior Survey

  1. What ONE emotional reaction do consumers have above all other when receiving a new text? It's not what you think.
  2. What are the TOP 3 reasons consumers choose to unsubscribe from text lists?
  3. What message types have THE MOST TEXT APPEAL for consumers?
  4. How many texts and emails do consumers receive DAILYWEEKLYMONTHLY?
  5. How quickly do consumers READ and RESPOND to a new text vs a new email?


About the Survey

The 2022 Consumer Texting Behavior Report was conducted by EZ Texting to measure consumer attitudes, behaviors, and preferences with respect to text messaging.

The survey was conducted online through an independent market research panel provider in January 2022. The 3.095 participants, who remained anonymous, were qualified based on their location and ownership of a mobile phone for personal use.

Quick Facts
Time Frame: January 25-29,2022
Responses: 3,095
Margin of Error: 2%



About EZ Texting

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