Using SMS Notifications to Keep Conventions on Track

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If you are an organizer of any industry-centric event, text messaging for conventions can be a valuable tool to help execute your event as smoothly as possible. There are many scenarios in which text messaging for conventions can help with the organization of exhibitors and delegates prior to a convention, conference or trade show, and coordinate attendees while they are there.

In addition to potential savings when communicating by text messaging for conferences, opportunities also exist for businesses to create new revenue streams and gain valuable feedback after each event. These opportunities exist not only for event organizers, but also for exhibitors - who can build their marketing databases with text messaging for conferences to increase post-convention sales.  

What Is Text Messaging for Conventions?

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Text messaging for conventions is a system of communication that uses SMS technology to send important messages to large groups of people simultaneously. Messages are sent via an online browser-based platform to the cellphones of every contact who has opted into receiving the service, or to specific groups of contacts (delegates, exhibitors, security, etc.) as necessary.

Text messaging for conventions has advantages over other forms of mass communication inasmuch as overhead announcements are usually ignored after a period of time, and not all event attendees have Internet-enabled cellphones that can receive email or app-based messages. Furthermore, in certain convention centers, the WiFi signal strength is often inadequate, whereas SMS works every time.

How Can Text Messaging for Conferences Help Organizers?

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Prior to an event, organizers can ask attendees to opt into their group messaging service in order to receive digital floorplans, schedules of events and other relevant information. This saves time and money printing and distributing material about the conference, and reduces the risk that a delegate will lose their schedule and possibly fail to turn up for a presentation, speech or networking opportunity.

During an event, organizers can schedule reminders to be sent to each delegate - advising them of presentations just about to begin - or can use the immediacy of text messaging for conferences to advise delegates of a change of venue, a cancellation, or the re-scheduling of a seminar. The service can also be used to create a revenue stream by sending sponsored messages to targeted groups of attendees.

Once the convention, conference or trade show has finished, organizers can request feedback from attendees to help improve future events. With text messaging for conventions, feedback is often best sought via the use of polls and surveys. However, it is also possible to include tiny URLs within text messages to direct attendees to the organization´s website if they wish to contribute further feedback.

The Benefits of Text Messaging for Conventions for Exhibitors

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Conventions are busy places, and many delegates do not get to speak with all the exhibitors they might like to. One solution to this problem is text messaging for conventions. Exhibitors can set up their own group messaging service, advertise their service at the convention, and have delegates who wish to speak with them at a later date text a keyword to a short code (i.e. “Text CHAT to 858585”).

Once the convention is over, exhibitors - who have used this strategy to its full advantage - will have compiled a database of prospects they can contact and convert into sales. Even if sales are not immediately forthcoming, exhibitors have a database of contacts that can be contacted with special offers, brochures, discount coupons and invitations to meet again at future conventions.

Setting up a group messaging service is not expensive. Most service providers do not charge for access to the group messaging platform - only for the text messages that are sent. Most also have flexible payment plans that offer discounts for significant use. If you intend using text messaging for conferences on a regular basis - either as an event organizer or as an exhibitor - the payment plans are well worth looking into.

Experience the Benefits of Group Messaging for Free

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If you would like to experience the benefits of group messaging for free, you are invited to contact us and discuss the variety of free trial options we have available.

Our helpful team of Client Success Managers will walk you through the registration process, introduce you to the group messaging platform and explain its features. Naturally, our team of Client Success Managers is always on hand to answer any further questions you may have once you start using text messaging for conventions. Call us today and you can start organizing exhibitors and delegates, and creating new revenue streams, within minutes.

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