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3 Reasons Medical Offices Should Manage & Confirm Appointments via Texts

Modernize your medical appointment scheduling system by adding the power and convenience of text messaging.

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July 7, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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It’s not just doctors and nurses that sometimes should be paged… it’s also your patients.

In an ideal world, everyone would remember every medical appointment they’ve ever made, adding it immediately to their calendar which they sync up on every device. But things happen. People forget. They double book.

And some medical appointments (like semi-annual dental cleanings or annual wellness check-ups) are often booked so many months ahead that it’s only too easy for patients to lose track of them entirely.

Let’s be realistic: the appointment cards doctors give out are often tossed aside, lost in a drawer, or immediately dropped in the garbage or recycling bin. And when appointments are made over the phone, who knows if they’re ever written down?

Patients expect to be reminded — whether the appointment was made last week or 6 months ago. Sure, you could send an email, call, or even send a direct mailing. But that’s inefficient and costly.

It’s also taxing on your administrative staff and medical appointment scheduler, who are already busy — calling in prescriptions, speaking with insurance companies, and setting up appointments. Help them as much as possible by streamlining their workflows.

Employing text messaging gives you a trackable way of confirming in-person or telehealth appointments, streamlining rescheduling, and simplifies life for both your staff and patients. Texts are unobtrusive, while offering incredible engagement rates (98% open rates with texts typically read in minutes of receipt).

Spend your time caring for your patients, let us handle administrative concerns like appointment reminders.


open rates with texts typically read in minutes of receipt


Minimize Lateness or No-Shows By Sending Patients Upcoming Medical Appointment Reminders

Ensure patients keep their healthcare appointments and arrive on-time. When patients are running late, it can impact your entire schedule, setting everything off course. Many doctors are notorious as it is for appointments running late, don’t add to this by encouraging patients to be late on their own.

Appointments that are missed entirely either cost your practice money… or if you charge a patient for the no show, can irritate them to the point that they decide to look elsewhere. These frustrations are particularly felt if they feel that they weren’t given an appropriate reminder (with enough leeway to reschedule if needed).

With the directness of text messaging, it’s never been easier to keep things running smoothly, mitigating (or even eliminating) no-shows and tardiness. In just a few clicks, the front office can message a reminder that keeps everyone on track.

You can also include any pertinent information, such as your address, parking instructions, or important documents to bring (i.e., old patient records or an insurance card). When your patient has all the info right in front of them, they’re more likely to come prepared.

Sample Text Message


Streamline Rescheduling to Alleviate Administrative Headaches

Simplify rescheduling by including a link that will direct recipients straight to your website to choose a different appointment time. If you wait, patients are more likely to forget and delay.

By including a link in the text message, people can immediately take care of things. It also causes less headaches. Doctors' offices are often busy, with phones ringing off the hook. Cut down on the extra work for your staff — as well as hold times for patients.

Sample Text Message


Save Time by Facilitating New Patient Forms

Forever rid yourself of the need for clipboards by leveraging the power of SMS messages. Quickly direct patients with text prompts that link to your website and HIPAA compliant electronic forms.

Patient forms take a long time to fill out and can be tedious for staff to work with. Instead, make them contact-free (which is more helpful than ever). And by automating your intake process, you’ll reduce paperwork, improve record keeping, and save time, money, and energy.

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