Not too Late for Halloween Mobile Marketing Tactics

30 Oct

The season of ghouls and goblins, vampires and werewolves is officially upon us. Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year to engage in mobile text marketing and it needn’t be a spooky experience. In fact, consumers spent $8 billion last year on Halloween alone, definitely a treat for retailers.

Not only is Halloween the kickoff to the holiday season, it involves parties, candy, costumes, food and exciting events at the local pumpkin patch or haunted house...all opportunities to send out text message promotions for discounts, deals or interactive and fun advertising. What this means is that the creativity behind your next text marketing campaign is only limited by the imagination.

Another encouraging sign according to research shows that consumers made their purchases and conducted most of their product searches the weekend before the big day. What this means is that the final moments ramping up to October 31st can be the prime time to start blasting deals and promotions. For example, the party supply store down the street still has Halloween inventory that it needs to unload. Using a customer list compiled since last Christmas, send out a text message offering a discount on Halloween decor or a free candy bowl with a minimum purchase.

Use mobile text message marketing to advertise services that might fly under the radar, such as a dental appointment! Dentists can send a text blast out to patients for a discounted check-up for the first week of November Halloween candy binge, of course.

The ‘trick’ is to make the campaigns fun, interactive and useful to the consumer. That’s why text messaging is the popular solution to a business’ marketing needs. Not only is it affordable and easy to use, the message is delivered quickly. And, with a nearly 100% open rate, messages are practically guaranteed to be received and read. Bring more traffic through your door by being engaging and putting your brand into the customer’s pockets when they need you the most.

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