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How an SMS Alert System Can Benefit Students, Parents, and Faculty

How an SMS Alert System Can Benefit Students, Parents, and Faculty

As schools and universities across the country deal with the fallout of the coronavirus we are offering free emergency alert services to customers with qualifying .edu extensions to help them communicate as effectively as possible with their staffs and students. Learn more.


Did you know that over 98% of the population in the United States has access to a mobile device? For this reason, many schools, colleges, and universities have begun to pursue text messaging as a means to disseminate important information, including weather alerts, emergency lockdowns, school closures, and much more.

At only pennies per message, text messaging is one of the most effective and affordable forms of communication currently available. With the right bulk text messaging software for schools, sending important notifications is as easy as 1-2-3!

As an industry-leading and recognized text messaging provider, we've worked with hundreds of schools, districts, and educational organizations, and we've seen first-hand how texting benefits students, parents, and faculty.

7 Ways a Text Alert System Benefits Students, Parents, and Faculty

We get it – budget approvals, fear of change, and skepticism towards product effectiveness dissuade even the most successful institutions from investing in mass text messaging. However, with a little time, research, and commitment, you will come to realize that text messaging is a proven and effective communications channel.

Here are the seven ways a text alert system benefits students, parents, and faculty.

1. Prevent More People From Entering a Dangerous Situation

An active shooter or unwelcome intruder situation is a sad reality of modern life and poses a severe threat for which your college, school, or university needs to be prepared for. Every year, administrators spend thousands of dollars developing security protocols and systems to help mitigate and manage these types of crises effectively.

An SMS notification system helps connect the office, classrooms, security, and administrators when these kinds of unexpected situations occur. As you know, during an active shooter or intruder situation, time is of the essence. A robust text messaging alert system makes it simple and easy to send messages in seconds.

Text Message Marketing Playbook for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

2. Keep Everyone Updated on Weather Developments

An increasing number of institutions are developing severe weather emergency plans. The fact is, a severe weather preparedness program is essential for all schools, colleges, and universities, even those in temperate climates.

Most schools utilize a public address system to talk directly to students and teachers. In some cases, electricity may be lost during the storm before the emergency weather plan has been activated. Therefore, it is critical to have a secondary device such as a mobile phone. An SMS alert system allows school administrators to send out important information before, during, and after serious weather events.

3. Cut Down on Phone Time

Are you school administrators bogged down with phone calls? A text maessaging program can be used to respond individually to parents, students, and faculty.

EZ Texting's textable number service gives you a text-ready 10-digit phone number that you can use for one-to-one conversations. For your recipients, it will feel just like they are texting with a friend. For your school administrators, it is as simple as writing an email. Most importantly, it's completely trackable, and you can initiate conversations from either a computer or mobile device.

4. Alert Specific People About News

Most mass texting service providers allow system administrators to organize contacts into specific groups. In theory, audience segmentation makes it easy to send highly personalized and specific messaging around after-school events, workshops, cancellations, and more. In this way, system administrators can send the right messages to the right recipient – every time.

5. Help Students and Their Parents Be More Prepared

Unfortunately, important emails go unchecked. Additionally, the average response time for a legitimate email is about 90 minutes, compared to 90 seconds for a text message. An SMS alert system helps students and parents to stay on top of important application submission and standardized testing dates.

6. Ensure Better Safety Protocol on Field Trips/Class Trips

Does your institution organize frequent class trips? If so, you know how important proper coordination and communication between trip leaders, parents, and others are. With SMS, administrators can send out an itinerary as the group moves from one location to the next. This will dramatically reduce the chances of a student or chaperone getting lost. Additionally, the lost person can also text a number or short code to alert the trip leader that she/he is lost.

7. Ongoing Professional Development

Sending out alerts for new research, studies, or any new educational regulation is a breeze with text messaging. Again, when these types of messages are sent via email or school bulletin, they will almost always be missed. A text messaging alert system ensures that your important professional development messages will be sent and received quickly and efficiently. 

If you are set to explore text messaging for your school, we have a free resource designed to help you expedite the implementation process: Text Message Marketing Playbook for Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

You'll find 16 types of ready-to-use text messages for educational institutions. These messages include special event reminders, severe weather alerts, emergency notifications, surveys, class supply lists, and more.


Text Message Marketing Playbook for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

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