Recommended API Partners

Get in touch with talented developers who have experience connecting web applications to the EZ Texting platform.

If you'd like to hire an outside developer to help connect your application to our group messaging service through our API, then check out this list of recommended developers. They've worked with our platform in the past, and they'll be happy to show you successful implementations.

Fulcrum Design

Fulcrum Design, LLc

Glastonbury, Connecticut
(888) 669-9729

Fulcrum Design, LLC, is an interactive mobile technology development firm specializing in high impact custom SMS marketing and communication application development. Connecting your application to EZ Texting’s API is what we do and we do it well.  We have a custom solution to fit your budget and your campaign.

Our team has built custom interactive solutions for ESPN, New York Jets, AT&T and the Max Restaurant Group. Our campaign development experience includes mobile WAP pushes, mobile e-commerce, 2D bar code, text2screen and universal mobile web application development. We stand by our work with 24/7 support.  


Thorn Technologies LLC

Thorn Technologies LLC

Thorn Technologies LLC
Columbia, MD
(410) 429-0255

Thorn Technologies LLC is a software development and consulting firm that specializes in building large-scale, enterprise mobile solutions. Our work includes the development of bulk SMS & MMS marketing platforms, location-based content management systems, real-time alerting and messaging systems, and data warehouse & analytics systems for Fortune 500 companies including Sprint, Nokia, H&R Block, & Caesars Palace. In addition, Thorn Technologies has a proven track record of delivering professional mobile websites and cutting-edge smartphone applications for companies of all sizes. With more than 20 years of combined mobile experience, Thorn Technologies is among the leading experts in SMS and mobile software development.


Techweb Technologies

Techweb Technologies

Basavana Gudi, Bangalore, India
+91-80-2662 0143

We build applications that harness the prowess of SMS. We have worked extensively on Virtual Mobile Numbers(10 digit) and Short-Code services as well.

We have developed SMS-based solutions that features:

  • Attendance & Grades information systems for educational institutes
  • Event reminders for members of Chambers of Commerce
  • Medication reminders (for patients after hospitalisation)
  • Material shipment notifications
  • Invoice / Payment reminders (in tandem with accounting software)

Our Solutions were adjudged as "Innovative" and we were awarded a Gold Medal at the India Innovates Program conducted by Lockheed Martin & IC2 Institute of University of Texas at Austin.


Velvetech, LLC

Velvetech, LLC

Northbrook, IL
(847) 559-0864

Velvetech, LLC is a leading custom software development services firm located in Northbrook, Illinois. Founded in 1994, Velvetech specializes in custom application software development and electronics engineering. Velvetech’s clients are small to large businesses in Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Transportation, and Education industries. Velvetech develops and markets web-based Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer applications featuring data processing, e-Commerce, e-Learning, geo-mapping and navigation, rich media content management and syndication.

Partner with Velvetech to achieve your technology goals, cut costs and improve quality. Velvetech provides the best project managers, analysts, software programmers and quality engineers, database designers, web developers, graphics designers, 3D and Flash animators, search engine marketing and optimization specialists, B2B and e-Commerce consultants. With Velvetech as your outsourcing partner, you can reach your business goals faster, cheaper and better.