Group SMS API Customer Spotlight

Learn about interesting and innovative implementations of the EZ Texting Group SMS API

Hundreds of customers use our API to power group text messaging in their application every day. We're constantly amazed to see what clients can do with our API. Check back here regularly to learn about new and interesting implementations of our API.

iCARD Gift Cards

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Soseus is a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary development group that utilizes creativity, technology and strategy in a holistic approach to form highly-effective, concept-derived information systems driven by the business objectives of our clients. Our highly experienced team of professional designers and developers possess the experience, imagination and versatility to create innovative results that captivate and deliver. Simply put, we originate professional solutions to engage your audience.

Our client, iCARD Systems, wanted to add functionality to their iCARD Gift Card website that would make gift giving easier for their customers while encouraging them to purchase iCARD Gift Cards.

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We added a new My Reminders tool to the My Account section within the website. From here customers can add, edit or cancel as many reminders as they’d like. Reminders consist of an event name, date and delivery method. Customers have the option of sending reminder notifications via email or SMS text message.

Customers receive a notification on the day of their event (or prior, depending on their settings).


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ID You, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accudata Technologies based in Allen, Texas. Accudata Technologies has been providing telecom data for 10 years. In mid-2008, we released our Mobile Caller ID service (Privus Mobile).

We could see that the growing market of smart phones provided an opportunity to solve the issue of unknown callers. Our service provides “true” Caller ID when the caller is not in the phone’s contact list. The user can save that contact information to their phone with a push of a button. We dip databases in the U.S., Canada and some International databases to provide the best data available. If a name is unavailable, we provide location worldwide.

When the phone receives a call, it launches a query to our servers which search various databases for the required data and within seconds returns the data to the device; displaying the caller’s name or other identifying information.

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Various OS devices receive the caller information or utilize our caller lookup menu which allows you to enter any phone number to launch a query. Each OS and device operates slightly differently.

We provide a service through EZ Texting that allows our customers the option to send our download link to their device via SMS. We also provide upgrade notices to our customers through EZ Texting.

The outcome is that our customers are able to increase productivity in all areas of their lives!