SMS Marketing for Small Business - Learn About SMS Texting for Business

Doe SMS marketing for small business make sense as a tactic? You bet it does. Why? Because SMS texting works. SMS marketing has the highest open rates of any marketing channel. And that's just the beginning.

EZ Texting works with thousands of organizations of every size that seen benefits from SMS texting in a variety of areas:

  • Customer Acquisition - Keyword campaigns and sign up widgets help businesses grow their list
  • Promotions and Notifications - Mass text messages help build awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales
  • Service Customers - One-on-one chat with texting and reminders lower the cost and increase effectiveness of customer service
  • Operational Efficiency - Billing and HR reminders help insure that your business runs smoothly.

Some of the biggest businesses in the world use SMS text marketing to generate leads, increase sales and built brand loyalty. Ford, Wal-Mart and Pizza Hut are three huge brands that frequently run successful SMS marketing campaigns. The good news is that you don't have to be an enormous corporation to see a boost from sending business text messages. SMS Marketing can make an impact on your business of every size, every step of the way. Learn about more about SMS marketing features and pricing plans now!

Why SMS Texting for Business?

It is not only the reach of SMS business marketing services that makes texting for business so effective. 90% of SMS text messages are opened within three minutes of receipt, compared to an email open rate of just 22%. Business SMS marketing performs four to five times better than online advertising for creating brand awareness and increasing purchasing intent, and - when attached to texting campaigns for business SMS - coupons have a redemption rate up to eight times higher than coupons attached to email.

How to Start Text Message Marketing for Small Business

To start text message marketing for small business, you need a list of customers to send text messages to. A contact list is easy to build with “Click-to-Join” widgets on your website, Twitter account and Facebook page, and printed messages in your premises inviting customers to text a keyword to a short code number. For example, “text ‘donut’ to 313131 to get a free donut on your next visit”.

Keywords are usually included in subscription packages offered by providers of texting for business services. Service providers also usually let you use one of their shared short code numbers (such as “313131”) for free in your business SMS marketing. When a customer opts into your SMS marketing services via a website widget - or texts the keyword “donut” to 313131 - they are added to your database of customers and opted in to receive future text messages from your business.

Using Small Business Marketing Software for Text Message Marketing

When you subscribe to a text message service for small business, you also get access to the service provider´s SMS business marketing software. Often this is a browser-based platform that can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. You simply log into the small business marketing software, upload your database of customers, write your message and click send. Within minutes your customers will be reading your marketing message wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Through the platform you can monitor delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement. If your customers reply to your business SMS marketing, the replies are received via the browser-based platform. The analytics collected by the platform can help you fine-tune your SMS marketing for small business in order to achieve greater response rates in future campaigns, while the platform has additional features that can help you increase engagement with small business texting.

How to Increase Engagement with Small Business Texting

It has already been mentioned that coupons are a great way to attract customers to your business and increase sales but, in addition to helping build a customer database, a text message service for small business can also help retain customers. By regularly texting special offers and promotions, text message marketing for small business can encourage customers to return to your business time and time again. And as your customers´ loyalty develops, they will introduce new customers to your business.

Another way to increase engagement with SMS marketing for small business is through polls. People love to express their opinions, and a poll asking them - for example - what their favorite donut is, is an example of text message marketing for small business that would generate a lot of engagement. It is also an example of small business texting that would be shared among friends, families and colleagues, who would then send their own replies and be opted in to receive your future business SMS marketing messages.

Rules and Regulations for Business SMS Marketing

As well as being a permission-based activity, text message marketing for small business is subject to the rules and regulations of the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). These rules and regulations are intended to prevent spamming and protect personal privacy. The Mobile Marketing Association has produced a Code of Conduct that condenses the TCPA into a series of “best practices” for SMS marketing for small business.

Text message marketing for small business is also subject to the rules of the companies who carry and deliver SMS text messages - collectively known as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). The CTIA stipulates that SMS marketing for small business must not contain content such as profanity, pornography or hate speech. The Association will also prevent the delivery of any small business texting campaign that endorses illegal drug use or violence.

Try Our Free Text Message Service for Small Business

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Small business texting is the most cost-effective way to increase sales and build customer loyalty in a marketing environment dominated by big business. Make sure you benefit from it the EZ Texting way!

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