4 Tips for Establishing a Social Media Presence for Your Business

Establishing a Social Media Presence for Your Business
4 Tips for Establishing a Social Media Presence for Your Business

Regardless of your experience in business, you need a social media presence. Social media allows you to connect with potential customers, establish your authority in the industry, and improve customer retention all at the same time.

If you're not a social media maven, use these tips to start putting your business on the digital map.

1. Start Small

You don't have to join every social network in the world to help your business succeed. In fact, if you're active on too many social platforms, you risk splitting your focus and giving each one halfhearted attention.

Start with one or two of the larger social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. From there, branch out into a couple niche social platforms. These sites aggregate users based on their interests, which could make them more valuable. You'll gain fewer followers, but every person with whom you connect will have a built-in interest in your business.

2. Follow the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule exists to prevent spam on social media and to help brands create positive messaging. Though it's not set in stone, it can solidify your reputation on social media and prevent you from alienating your followers.

About 80 percent of your content should focus on educating, inspiring, or entertaining your audience. In other words, it should contain no self-promotion. You could publish how-to tips, give advice, point readers to other people's content, or make an astute observation about the industry.

The other 20 percent can involve marketing your business. Use this content to announce product launches, link to your content outside of the social platform, encourage people to buy your products or services, and let your readers know about upcoming or current promotions.

3. Publish Valuable Content

You don't have to Tweet every 15 minutes or update your Facebook status twice an hour. In fact, if you only publish when you have something important to say, your audience will trust you to fill their feeds with useful content.

Plus, you can spend more time crafting your social media posts. The content that goes viral typically takes time to create, so don't rush the process. You might discover that thoughtful content spreads much farther and far faster than posts you rattle off in a hurry.

4. Use Images

Did you know that three-quarters of Facebook posts contain images? There's a reason for that. Social media posts that contain images get shared more often and call attention to themselves.

That's why billboards work so well. We're automatically drawn to works of art, whether they're photographs, illustrations, or unique typography. You can use this tendency to your advantage.

Join a stock photography website or ask your in-house graphic designer to focus on creating imagery just for social media. 

You might not get the hang of social media right away, but soon you'll grow to love it. The more active you become on your chosen social media outlets, the more visible your brand becomes.

You can also use social media to promote your EZ Texting campaign. Whether you're sending out special coupons or letting customers know about recent promotions, sign up for free and start connecting with your audience on a more intimate level.

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