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5 Holiday Text Marketing Templates & Examples to Send to Clients

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December 2, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Text messaging is the gift that keeps giving.

And your holiday marketing plans just got easier with message templates, saved and ready to be sent manually or automated to be sent following a particular customer action.

Either way, you can use a message template over and over again, saving you time and improving customer experience.

5 Festive Holiday Message Templates to Send to Customers

Add fun, holiday-themed emojis (such as 🎁 🎄 🎅 🕎 ⛄ ❄) for some extra buzz and fuel even more sales. Or consider capitalizing important words (like BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY, or SALE) and adding exclamation points to your messaging (either !!!!! or ❗❗) to boost notice even further.

To help you make your texts as impactful as possible, we’re sharing these holiday customer message templates to get you started:


Sample Text Message

1. Create a Special Holiday Hashtag with SMS Texts

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses and organizations have started to organize holiday marketing campaigns around seasonal hashtags. For example, Starbucks encouraged customers to create their own holiday cups during the #GiveGood campaign. Participants were encouraged to share their special creations on social media using the campaign hashtag, and Starbucks even featured a few of these designs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When building your own holiday hashtag, use it as an opportunity to collect user-generated content. Remember, you don't need to supply a physical prize to participants to boost UGC. Instead, consider featuring top contributors on your social media.


Sample Text Message

2. Take Advantage of Holiday Sales with Text Marketing

During the holiday season, customers expect to get steep discounts on their favorite products and services. It's one of the reasons why Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday are so popular. If there's an in store or ecommerce side to your business, these annual events can be a huge draw.

You could promote these special holiday sales even further via text message marketing.

Usually, sending your first text message marketing campaign only requires a few minutes of set up and generates a 6X greater open rate than emails. To get started with text message marketing today, we recommend starting a free trial.


Sample Text Message

3. Build a Holiday Gift Guide with MMS Texting

What better way to promote your special products and services than a holiday gift guide. A great gift guide — one that will generate leads, bring in customers, and increase sales — requires careful planning from both marketing and sales teams.

In addition to offering a printed holiday gift guide, many businesses will create a downloadable online guide. Energize shoppers by texting customers an image of either the guide itself or some of the exciting, can’t-miss gift options. Texts with images or videos, known as MMS text messaging, can increase engagement by 250% as compared to text-only SMS.


Sample Text Message

4. Say “Thanks” via Text Message

Use the holidays as an opportunity to thank customers for their continued patronage. You might even use this as a chance to distribute a small token of your appreciation, such as a discount on a future purchase (which can help drive sales in January or February, traditionally slower months for most retailers).

Saying “thank you” is a great way to make your customers feel valued, and they'll appreciate the lengths you take to show them that you care.


Sample Text Message

5. Activate Fundraising Campaigns with SMS Messaging

Finally, the holidays are the perfect time to activate special fundraising campaigns.

With more consumers on-the-go during the busy holiday season, Salvation Army leverages text-to-give during the holidays. Any mobile user that wishes to donate can text "KETTLE" to 80888.

"Consumers are encouraged to share their personal thoughts regarding the campaign on social media. Individuals that share their #RedKettleReason post online via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube will have their posts appear online on," reports Alex Samuely on Retail Dive.

Nonprofits can also leverage the Giving Tuesday holiday to give a boost to those all-important donations.

Kickstart Your Holiday Marketing With EZ Texting

Text marketing is one of the most effective digital communications tools available to business owners, brand managers, and marketers. There's a reason why more businesses and organizations are choosing text messaging over traditional marketing channels.

See how you can leverage these holiday message examples to ensure your business has the best holiday season yet!

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