How to Set Up Your First SMS Campaign with EZ Texting:

09 Dec
It is simple and painless to set up your first SMS campaign with EZ Texting with the easy-to-use interface and elite customer service. With mobile technology growing so rapidly across the modern consumer landscape, businesses are quickly recognizing the importance of using mobile campaigns to communicate with their customers and develop their brands. Use the following mobile marketing guide to understand the process of setting up your first SMS campaign in just a few easy steps. If you have any questions along the way, always feel free to contact us by phone or email for a detailed SMS guide and live customer service agent.

First, decide whether you are looking to create a push or pull campaign:
  • A push campaign is design to offer products or services to a database of currently opted in contacts. Send special discounts, offers, services, or general info to a list of interested parties.
  • A pull campaign is designed to build a database of phone numbers for future use. Choose a keyword that’s relevant to your brand or products, which you will ask customers to text to your short code when they would like to join your marketing list. You can post signs around your place of business, on your web site and social media pages, or via email blasts and advertisements that promote your keyword and text marketing campaign. Incentivize potential contacts to text in by offering exclusive information or discounts when they sign up. For example, Text KEYWORD to SHORTCODE to join our text messaging list for exclusive discounts and special events.
Once you have your contact database, you’re ready to go! Go to and Click on the “Try it For Free” button.
  • Create an Account. Fill out just a few simple contact details in order to set up your account.
  • Activate Your Account. After you create an account, you’ll receive a text message from EzTexting’s short code “313131” with an activation code. Enter the code into the Account Activation screen.
  • Create a Contact Group. Create your first group, add a new group, save and upload contacts.
  • Create a Text Campaign. Once you’ve uploaded your text group(s), click “Send Text Message” in the upper left corner of the Orange Navigation Column. Choose which group(s) to send to; type in your text message; schedule a delivery date and time; and click “Continue.”
  • Send Your Text Message! Review the details of your campaign. Assure you have enough credits. And when ready, click SEND.
  • You’ve done it! In just minutes, you’ve sent your first text marketing campaign. Now, just sit back and watch your customers respond and take action.


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