How It Works

Learn the basics about text marketing with EZ Texting


1. advertise your keyword & short code

Sign up for EZ Texting and reserve your own Keyword. We'll supply the short code. Then share them both with the world. Imagine a message like "Text DEALZ to 313131 to get monthly coupons" on your in-store signs, website, and email signatures. Pretty soon you'll have a big, opted-in list.


2. send promotions, reminders
& notifications

Send your first message in minutes. Customers that text your Keyword will automatically become subscribers. Or, you can easily upload your own list.  What kind of message will work best for your audience? Will it be a coupon, an event notification, or a reminder? Texting works for any kind of message that you want opened fast!


3. watch your sales & engagement grow

With a 98% open rate, texting can't be beat for engaging with your audience. Especially for millennials, texting is the preferred method of connecting with businesses. Texting is the communication tool of the future. Don't get left behind!