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How to Text the Perfect Christmas Message to Clients

Follow our tips and tricks this holiday season for writing a meaningful Christmas message to your clients.

an elf is sending the following text message, Happy holidays! Thanks for your support!
May 22, 2024
Chloe Mulliner
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Christmastime is about spreading the holiday cheer and sending warm wishes to those near and far. And, as a business, this time of year provides you with the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers and clients with season’s greetings.

Crafting the Perfect Christmas Message for Clients: A Guide to Building Stronger Relationships Following our advice on writing the perfect Christmas wishes for your clients this holiday season to help make their holiday more merry and bright.

The Significance of Sending Christmas Messages to Clients

Why is it important to send Christmas messages to clients? It’s important to send Christmas messages to clients because it can help you express gratitude for their business, strengthen your client relationships, demonstrate professionalism, and stand out from the crowd.

Express Gratitude

Sending a corporate Christmas message to your clients allows you to express your gratitude for their continued business. It shows that you appreciate them, and their support doesn’t go unnoticed.

Strengthen Relationships

As with any kind of relationship, it’s important to build rapport, and that’s where Merry Christmas messages to clients can come in handy. This thoughtful, intentional communication with your customers and clients can help strengthen your relationships, build trust, and encourage them to continue doing business with you.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Professionalism doesn’t have to mean your business always comes across as impersonal and straight-laced. Revealing to your clients and customers that your business has a heart and soul is an appreciated part of professionalism. Your message shouldn’t be overtly sappy or emotional, but saying “Happy holidays” to your clients can go a long way.

Stand out from the Crowd

Believe it or not, many businesses don’t even attempt to send out holiday greetings to their clients, meaning this is an opportunity to stand out from your competitors. When you send a unique Christmas message to your clients, they’ll take note and likely remember your kind words, which can enhance brand awareness and boost your business’ reputation.

Key Elements of an Effective Christmas Message to Clients

What are some key elements of a perfect Christmas message to clients? Some key elements of writing a business Christmas message to clients include personalization, heartful expression, and brevity and clarity.


Personalization is a must when writing the perfect business Christmas message to clients. Adding personalized elements helps your clients and customers feel special and makes it seem like the message was crafted specifically for them—even if you sent similar ones to others. Include their name in the greetings and any other customized messaging that would make sense, such as referencing their location or purchasing history.

Heartfelt Expression

If you’re taking the time to craft a corporate Christmas message to clients, you want to ensure that it’s a thoughtful message that comes from the heart. Think of ways to write a sincere, heartfelt Christmas message to clients, not just some generic text you found online.

Brevity and Clarity

Your business Christmas message to clients should be short, simple, and concise. Also, keep it clear and concise so the recipients can easily understand the sentiment.

Examples of Effective Christmas Messages to Clients

What are some examples of effective Christmas messages to clients? The following are just a few examples of effective Christmas messages from businesses to clients:

Sample message

Adding a Touch of Creativity to Your Christmas Messages to Clients

Now that you have some writing tips, what are some ways to add a touch of creativity to your Christmas messages to clients? Some ways to add creativity to your messages include incorporating humor, using visuals, and sending a handwritten note.

Incorporate Humor

A funny Christmas message to clients is always appreciated if you keep it clean. It’s certainly okay to include some humor, but avoid anything that could be conceived as gross, hurtful, disrespectful, or offensive.

Use Visuals

If you want to send a unique Christmas message to your clients, why not include some visuals? If you’re sending an MMS message, you can add photos, gifs, video clips, and emojis to make your text stand out and shine. From gifs of dancing elves to an image of your CEO dressed as Santa, there are endless opportunities for creativity!

Send a Handwritten Note

While we love sending personalized Christmas messages to your clients via text, if you have a smaller pool of customers, consider sending handwritten notes instead. This is a wonderful way to express Christmas wishes for clients while showing them that you went the extra mile.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Christmas Messages to Clients

As always, there are some things you’ll want to be mindful of before sending your holiday texts. So, what are some common mistakes to avoid when sending Christmas messages to clients? Some of the most common mistakes when sending Christmas messages to clients include forgetting personalization, being overly promotional, and sending messages too early or late.

Forgetting Personalization

Failing to personalize your messages is one way to drop the ball. After all, personalization helps make these messages so special in the first place. Adding your client’s name to the season’s greetings can make all the difference.

Being Overly Promotional

There’s a time and place for pushing your marketing agenda, and your Christmas greetings to clients aren’t either. Instead of focusing on your latest product line or upcoming sale, create a thoughtful, meaningful holiday message that will come across as genuine rather than sales-centric.

Sending Messages Too Late or Too Early

Timing is everything. If you send a business Christmas card message to clients too early, it may seem weird or a little off, but if you want to send one the day of or the day after Christmas, it might get lost in the mix while they’re off celebrating. Consider sending one the second or third week of December so your customers and clients are more likely to open, appreciate, and interact with it.

Additional Tips

Now, are there any additional tips for sending Christmas messages to clients? Yes, additional tips for sending Christmas messages include proofreading and tracking them.


Nothing is quite as embarrassing or unprofessional as sending a message with spelling and grammatical errors. Before clicking send on your Christmas greeting to clients, read it over, run it through Spell Check, and even go through your in-house editor to ensure you’ve crafted an error-free copy.

Track Your Messages

Monitoring your messages is one of the best ways to know whether they were successful. This involves tracking your metrics to determine important factors like open and engagement rates. It’s also good to compare this performance to last year’s messages to gauge how well your messages performed this year. Understanding this information can help you craft a better message next holiday season.


Spread the Holiday Cheer

Ready to send your own corporate Christmas messages to clients? Sign up for our free 14-day trial to try your hand at text marketing. Happy holiday texting!

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