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Downloadable Open House Sign-In Sheet Templates

Are your sign-in sheets underwhelming? Breathe new life into one of a realtor’s most crucial lead capture tools with templates!

Open house sign pointing to property
June 20, 2024
Sara Cardoza
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Open houses are among the most powerful ways realtors can attract buyers to active listings and build a client network. It’s also an excellent opportunity to face time with potential buyers and sellers, all while building your brand.

In truth, these events are more beneficial to lead gathering than sales. According to the National Association of Realtors, only 7% of buyers bought a home after visiting an open house. So, to truly optimize your open-house leads, you’ll want to capture all the necessary buyer information.

Are Sign-In Sheets Really Necessary?

Sign-in sheets are an easy and free way to start a conversation with potential buyers, but they also allow you to gather important contact information for later use and lead capture. So, while a real estate open house sign-in sheet certainly isn’t mandatory, not having one is most certainly a wasted opportunity. Depending on your audience and end goals, you can try several different sign-in sheet templates and approaches to see which variation gains the most traction.


The Simple Sign-In Sheet

The simple sign-in sheet approach asks for the basics: name, number, and email address. This is a good option for busy events since it’s quick to complete and very and straightforward. Download our simple sign-in sheet template below and customize it to fit your brand and business needs.

simple sign-in sheet template

Tips for Simple Sign-In Sheets

  1. Include branding. Don’t forget to add your logo and company name to the sheet and leave business cards nearby!
  2. Add a follow-up “disclaimer.” Because you’re using the sign-in sheet for lead generation, be sure to include a note that lets your potential buyers know you’ll be in contact about future real estate opportunities. This gives buyers a heads-up and ensures your follow-up emails are not a surprise.
  3. Enter info into your CRM. Once you’ve gathered your new lead info, add it to your CRM so the platform can do the heavy lifting for you!

The Digital Sign-In Sheet

A digital sign-in is a no-fuss, secure way to get the necessary information without worrying about illegible handwriting. You can often directly sync with your CRM, meaning less work for you after the event!

digital sign-in sheet template


Tips for Digital Sign-In Sheets

  1. Pair with SMS. Going digital is a great way to streamline and organize your workflow. SMS marketing for realtors lets you notify your existing client base of open houses and available listings, all while adding new clients to your roster.
  2. Strategize Info. Use the new information to create targeted SMS messages, such as personalized messages and referral promotions, polls, and request reviews. Try the EZ Texting SMS marketing samples for realtors to improve your communication strategy.
  3. Request visitors to sign in. With physical sign-in sheets it’s easier to make copies and leave them in multiple locations, but with a digital approach, you may only have one tablet or sign-in device. If possible, greet each visitor and kindly ask them to sign in, while also making sure to let them know how you plan to use the information.

The In-Depth Sign-In Sheet

A more detailed sign-in sheet approach can help create a more comprehensive buyer profile. For example, you can ask detailed questions such as “how soon are you looking to buy?” or “are you a first-time homebuyer?” Of course, you’ll want to use this form strategically as this could easily overwhelm the casual open-house drop-in.

digital sign-in sheet template

Tips for In-Depth Sign-In Sheets

  1. Diversify your sheets. Consider offering two sign-in options with signs or tags that indicate which they should fill out. Include a message that says something like, “Casually looking? Start here” (simple sign-in sheet) or, “Getting serious? I want to know more!” (in-depth sign-in sheet).
  2. Use CRM to segment. The detailed questions in this type of sign-in help you create more detailed profiles within your chosen CRM. This will allow you to build a more specific lead nurturing strategy and only contact those that fit certain criteria (e.g., price range, buying timeline, etc.)
  3. Go digital. Some buyers may feel uncomfortable with their personal information left out in the open. Consider hosting your in-depth questionnaire on a secure digital platform to protect potential clients.
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Follow-Up & Feedback Plans

Using a sign-in sheet paired with a feedback option can be especially helpful when you are trying to figure out what buyers seek to purchase. For example, if a home has had a lot of foot traffic but not many offers, a feedback sheet may offer insight into why it’s not moving. Perhaps the price point is too high, or buyers are looking for a more updated kitchen. This information can be beneficial when it comes to supporting your sellers.

Having a follow-up plan is important if you are looking to leverage your sign-in sheet to capture leads. Be sure to have a follow-up email or SMS text marketing plan to deploy shortly after your open house or any event you are planning to have a sign-up sheet present.

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