The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Text Message Marketing

Text Messaging Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

The world’s most innovative businesses and organizations utilize text message marketing to inspire more exciting and engaging interactions with customers. From retail and fitness to real estate and food and hospitality, text message marketing provides immediate enhancement to any digital marketing and communications strategy.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Text Message Marketing


We get it — most business and organizations are limited by strict marketing budgets. As such, they prioritize growth-oriented marketing tools and resources. In search of high-value tools, it's surprising that organizations are still clinging to email and cold calling, when text message marketing is such an amazing opportunity. The best part about text message marketing is that it actually works:



Have you considered investing in a text message marketing service provider? In this guide, we discuss the unique benefits of text message marketing. Moreover, access all the tools, tips, and resources needed to become a text message marketing superstar!

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Text Message Marketing

Your Guide to Text Message Marketing

If you haven’t partnered with an industry-leading text message marketing provider by now, your business or organization might be falling behind. Why? More businesses are using text message marketing to initiate targeted and high-powered communications with consumers. Not only does text message marketing deliver more value than any other form of direct marketing, but it also uses an immediate and intimate channel of communication that consumers prefer.


The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Text Message Marketing

What Is Text Message Marketing

Among leading marketing and communications channels — email, social media, video — text message marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and value-driven methods for acquiring customers, building brand awareness, and increasing sales. Businesses use text message marketing to send alerts right to users’ mobile devices.


Any successful text message marketing activity begins with a Keyword and Short Code.

There are two forms of text message marketing including:

Short Message Service (SMS): Supports alphanumeric messages of 160 characters or less. Potential use cases for SMS marketing include sending special offers or sales discounts, sending information about a new product launch, and more.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Supports multimedia content including images and video, as well as text messages great than 160 characters. Potential use cases for MMS marketing include sending product information, sending promotional videos, and more.

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Text Message Marketing

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

The benefits of text message marketing extend to both business and consumers alike. Enjoy the following benefits of text message marketing:


Today, consumers expect marketing messages to be highly personalized. When you create custom marketing messages for consumers, you create a more authentic relationship with the consumer. This may lead to increased profits. Other marketing channels simply can’t compete with the deep personalization capabilities that text messaging offers.


Most consumers are always on-the-go. Sending a simple and easy text message is an effective and convenient way to reach customers even when they’re dropping the kids off at soccer practice, running errands, and more.


Creating your first text message marketing campaign is easy. Most service providers will walk you through the process — from start to finish. Moreover, text message marketing doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge. And when you need some extra help, customer support teams are ready to answer your questions.


More than any other digital communications channel, text message marketing is a preferred medium among consumers. Moreover, text message marketing inspires more meaningful and engaging customer interactions. When consumers are faced with an onslaught of annoying advertisement, social media posts, and more, text message marketing cuts through the noise.

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Text Message Marketing

Who Uses Text Message Marketing

Thousands of business and organizations leverage the power of text message marketing to reach audiences. The following industries use text message marketing:


Retail: Reach out to customers with discounts, promotions, in-store events. Text marketing helps retail businesses stay visible and drive conversions with customers.


Faith Organizations: Increase donations, grow membership base, and distribute mission-critical information. Text message marketing helps you stay connected and keeps your team focused on their goals.


Food and Hospitality: Reach food-lovers, travelers, and lifestyle experts with events, messages, and promotions. Text message marketing can help please customers and drive more business to restaurant and hospitality locations.


Fitness: Connect with prospects and members to keep attendance high and increase membership. SMS marketing is a highly effective way to keep current and prospective gym or recreational members informed and up-to-date on the latest news.


Nonprofits: Increase donations, grow your membership base, and distribute important information. Text message marketing helps you stay connected and keeps your team focused on their goals.


Real Estate: Coordinate team members or attract and engage buyers. Text message marketing is a powerful, cost-effective tool to make it easier to communicate quickly.

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Text Message Marketing

Before Investing in Text Message Marketing

There are a few things businesses and organizations should consider before investing in text message marketing partner. There are plenty of service providers out there. Finding the right text message marketing partner begins with an assessment of your internal infrastructure and text message marketing goals and objectives.

EZ Texting provides the best features and service. With access to a helpful and friendly customer support team, developing, implementing, and managing a successful text message marketing campaign is easy. There is no better text message marketing service provider than EZ Texting. Of course, we might be a bit biased!

Prioritize the following factors and considerations in your search for an industry-leading tech message marketing provider:


Goals and Objectives:

Before getting started, your business or organization must outline text message marketing goals and objectives. What is your business or organization trying to accomplish? Moreover, what success metrics will your business or organization monitor? Engagement? Conversions? Sales?


Features and Functionality:

The best text message marketing providers deliver unique features and functions that complement the goals and objectives of your business or organization. Moreover, the right text message marketing provider has an intimate understanding of your customers’ preferences, interests, and pain points. With this understanding, service providers build targeted and value-driven solutions


Getting Started:

.For many business and organizations, starting text message marketing is the hardest part. Find a service provider that make on-boarding easy and effortless. Ideally, the service provider will show you exactly how to import and manage customer contacts, send text messages, and more.


Reliability and Security:

The most advanced text message marketing providers institute rigorous security protocols to safeguard sensitive customer data including contact information, phone number, and more.


Customer Service and Support:

The most effective text message marketing providers offer helpful customer service and support teams. These support teams should be well-equipped to answer your questions or concerns. Moreover, when unforeseen problems arise, the team should be able to respond and diagnose issues quickly.

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Text Message Marketing

6 Text Message Marketing Best Practices

1. Timing: Know when your customers are on their devices.


2. Frequency: Know how often you should send follow-up messages.


3. Exclusivity: Know how to make the text message recipient feel valued.


4. Value: Know how to make the offer, promotion or incentive compelling

5. Integration: Know how to infuse your text messaging into your broader marketing plan.


6. Clarity: Know how to make the offers, promotions, and incentives easy to understand.

Learn Four Strategies for Successful Text Marketing

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Text Message Marketing

Sample Text Message Marketing Campaign

Josh’s Plumbing Service is struggling to reach its customers. Recently, the company created a handful of special incentives and promotions to encourage repeat business. Unfortunately, these special offers received very little engagement. After months of poor engagement, sales have dwindled, and the company is struggling to stay afloat!


Josh’s Plumbing Service invested in text messaging to jumpstart its marketing program. In just minutes, the marketing team created a simple promotion encouraging a (1) FREE CONSULTATION. They created a simple keyword, distributed the keyword via email and social media, started collecting users’ information, and begin scheduling consults!

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Text Message Marketing

3 Quick Steps to Get Started

Getting started with EZ Texting is easy. Follow these simple steps to build your first text message marketing campaign:

1. Import Contacts

Sign into EZ Texting Account. Select Contacts & Groups → Add a Contact.

2. Create Groups

Sign into EZ Texting Account. Select Contacts & Groups → Add a New Group.

3. Send Text Messages

Sign into EZ Texting Account. Select Send Text Message → Select Group → Confirm or Edit Text → Send
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Text Message Marketing

Start Text Message Marketing With EZ Texting

The benefits of text message marketing extend to both business and consumers. Armed with a high-powered text message marketing tool, businesses are well-equipped to deliver more personalized, targeted, and engaging communications to consumers.

In your search for a high-powered text message marketing partner, consider prioritizing an industry-leading service provider like EZ Texting. Our service is trusted by more than 50,000 business, enterprises, and organizations worldwide. EZ Texting customers have sent more than four billion text messages — and counting!

Success Stories

Brian’s Place Spanish and Italian Fusion Cuisine

Mean Girls Broadway Musical

Are you ready to begin your text message marketing journey? For more information, call (866) 676-2180. EZ Texting offers a variety of affordably priced and flexible pricing plans built for any sized business, enterprise, or organization. Don’t miss our free trial!


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