Timely Alerts and Notifications

From sales and promotions to mobile workforce management, see how alerts, notifications, and reminders make text message marketing a must-have business tool.

An SMS notification reminder message.

Events Notifications & Reminders

The popularity of experiential marketing has exploded over the past decade and text marketing is uniquely positioned to support event marketers looking to boost IRL interest in branded experiences. Automated reminders before an event can help curb no shows and increase attendance, and automated notifications can alert attendees to cancellations and changes in schedule or venue.

Streamline Scheduling with Reminders & Notifications

Emergency Alerts

As businesses everywhere adapt to the unique challenges of distributed workforces, the need for modern communication solutions is more important than ever — and texting’s unparalleled engagement makes it the most effective means of communicating quickly and clearly with large, dispersed groups.

How to Write an Effective Alert Message

An emergency inclement weather SMS alert.

An SMS appointment reminder text.

Appointment Reminders

Few things hurt a business like missed appointments and no solution is as perfectly suited to address the problem as text marketing. SMS appointment reminders offer a responsiveness and engagement that can dramatically reduce no shows, waitlists, and even late arrivals. They can be easily automated and contact segmentation allows you to send diverse reminders to multiple groups.

5 Tips for Using Appointment Reminders

EZ Texting is perfect for managing large groups of volunteers or paid employees when you need to instantly communicate important updates or reminders.

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