Why Does Your Business Need Mass Texting?

Why Does Your Business Need Mass Texting?

Mass texting is not a one-size fits all opportunity. Instead, it can work for many different use-cases, and for organizations of all sizes. Texting is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. It boasts a 98% open rate and nearly universal usage, especially amongst younger age groups. Online text messaging platforms like EZ Texting allows you to text from your laptop to an audience of thousands with minimal effort.

So how can you make it work for you? Let’s explore the key ways that businesses and non-profit organizations benefit from mass texting.

1. Notifications – Quickly Reach Many People at Once

If your business needs to send notifications or reminders to lots of different people, texting is a great way to do it. Gain efficiency with these kinds of text messages:

  • Delivery notifications
  • Event reminders
  • Requests for volunteers

mass texting notifications example

2. Promotions – Make Sure Your Offer Connects with Your Customers

If you’re selling something, then marketing that something is the key to your success. Because of its impressive reach, mass texting can help you make sure that your opted-in followers get your message. Drive business with these kinds of text messages: 

  • Coupon Promotions
  • Sale notifications
  • Limited time offers

mass texting promotion example

3. Coordinate – Make Your Internal Processes Run Smoother

Is managing your own employees and vendors a pain point? Texting can help with that. Companies frequently use mass texting to streamline communications about tasks, billing, and deadlines. Improve your internal functions with these kinds of text messages:

  • Shift changes
  • Expense reports due
  • Billing deadlines
mass texting coordinate example

What Kinds of Text Messages Make the Most Sense for You?

Getting more efficient and effective should appeal to any organization. Based on these examples, what kind of text messages could help you the most. Do you need to drive traffic, or just make sure everyone finds out about an upcoming HR task? Whatever the need, you can make texting work for you.

If you’re considering text marketing, but not sure how to get started, EZ Texting can help. Our Customer Support Managers are experts at getting businesses up-and-running so that they can get the most out of texting. Give us a call at (800) 753-5732 or check out our pricing plans now.