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What Do These Emojis Mean? A Breakdown of the Top 50 Emojis

You can convey so much with a single emoji, but it’s important to use it correctly! Follow our guide to decode the 50 most popular emojis.

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January 8, 2024
Chloe Mulliner
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Emojis may look like fun little icons to brighten up your messages, but each conveys a different emotion, reaction, or implication. While some may seem obvious, like a smiley face or thumbs up, others have more convoluted or complicated symbolism associated with them.

If you’ve ever come across an icon in a message and thought, “What is the meaning of this emoji?” then you’ve come to the right place. In our guide below, we cover the smiley face, symbol, and hand emoji meanings, so you’ll better understand each when crafting your own messages.

On this page:

1.   😊2.   😂3.   🤣4.   😭5.   😘6.   😍7.   😳8.    🙃9.   😉10. 🙄
11. 😱12. 🤤13. 🥳14. 😷15. 😬16. 😐17. 🤪18. 🤢19. 🤭20. 🤗
21. 😎22. 🤬23. 🤯24. 😇25. 😈26. ❤️27. 💔28. 👀29. 💯30. 
31. 🎈32. 💀33. 💰34. 🤦35. 🤷36. 🙋37. 💩38. 🙈39. 🙉40. 🙊
41. 🥂42. 🤌43. 🤞44. 👍45. 👎46. ✌️47. 💪48. 🙏49. 🍑50. 🔥

What Do These Emojis Mean?

Not every emoji has an obvious or literal meaning, so it’s easy to confuse them—or worse, embarrass yourself by using the wrong one!

To help make better sense of them, we’ve defined 50 of the top emoji icons. Whether sending a text message to your coworker or creating an SMS marketing message to your customers, consult our guide below before clicking send.


Sample SMS message.

1. What Does 😊 Mean?

The meaning of this emoji is as simple as it gets. A smiley face that means you’re happy, content, or in agreement with something. This emoji is great to express happiness, gratitude, or appreciation towards customers and supporters. Here’s an example of what we mean:

2. What Does 😂 Mean?

This emoji is easily one of the most widely used lately. The laughing, crying emoji is the equivalent of “LOL.” It means something is pretty funny, and it’s made you chuckle, possibly even out loud.


3. What Does 🤣 Mean?

Remember the ROFL internet lingo from years ago? This emoji essentially represents that phrase: rolling on the floor, laughing. It’s a step up from the LOL laughing smiley, as it’s used when something is so funny that you’re beside yourself.


4. What Does 😭 Mean?

Emoji face meanings aren’t always what you might think. For example, are those happy or sad tears? Some people use this icon to express extreme sadness, while others use it to mean they’re laughing so hard tears are streaming down their face, as in, it’s so funny you can’t even handle it.


5. What Does 😘 Mean?

Known as the kissy face, this flirty smiley icon signifies sending a kiss to someone. You might use it as a form of gratitude, like saying "Thank you," or sending it when you want to show your affection for something. Since it can be considered flirtatious, take care if you use it in the workplace.


6. What Does 😍 Mean?

Like in the cartoons, this emoji with bulging heart eyes implies you are head-over-heels in love with someone, something, or an idea. You can use this to show your support or express how much you adore it.


Sample SMS Message

7. What Does 😳 Mean?

The flushed-face smiley means “Uh-oh!” As its red face implies, this smiley is either embarrassed, ashamed, or even shocked. You might use it to express surprise at a situation or show that you’re having a cringe-worthy reaction to something.

You could even use this emoji to apologize to your customers. For instance, maybe your website crashed during your last big sale:

8. What Does 🙃 Mean?

The upside-down smiley face is a silly gesture. It could imply many reactions like silliness, confusion, or even frustrated resignation. And in some cases, you might use it to indicate sarcasm, irony, or dry humor since it's sometimes hard to pick that up over text.


9. What Does 😉 Mean?

What is the meaning of this emoji? Well, the winky smiley face is just another symbol associated with silliness. Like the upside-down smiley, you could signal a joke or a hidden meaning, but other times you might use it to flirt or suggest a touch of playfulness in your message.


10. What Does 🙄 Mean?

The eye-rolling smiley is a stand-in when you want to roll your eyes at something. Maybe you’re bored, annoyed, or impatient about something, in which case, this icon is the perfect response.


11. What Does 😱 Mean?

This screaming emoji looks like it just saw a ghost. You would include this in a message if you’re shocked, surprised, scared, or in disbelief.


Sample SMS Message

12. What Does 🤤 Mean?

You can use this drooling face to suggest you're practically salivating over something. You may use it in response to a fabulous meal or an especially delicious idea. It’s a playful emoji that suggests it’s so good you’re drooling over it.

For example, if you run a local bakery, this salivating emoji could accompany your SMS message announcing your newest dessert:

13. What Does 🥳 Mean?

With a party hat and noisemaker, this smiley face is ready to party. Use this emoji when you want to celebrate, whether congratulating someone or celebrating an accomplishment.


14. What 😷 Does Mean?

Not feeling well? Then you might send along this masked-up emoji. This icon might also accompany conversations about doctors, medicine, or sickness.


15. What Does 😬 Mean?

This grimacing smiley is clenching its teeth and can represent a wide range of emotions from discomfort to nervousness. You might even use this emoji to signal feelings of awkwardness or uncomfortableness.


16. What Does 😐 Mean?

This neutral smiley face icon conveys a lot more than you might realize. To some, he’s bored, indifferent, and annoyed, but to others, he's unamused, irritated, or unimpressed. Consider adding more context when using this little one so that everyone accurately understands your sentiments.


Sample SMS Message

17. What Does 🤪 Mean?

Are things feeling crazy lately? Then you might use this emoji to express all the craziness. Wild, silly, and out of control are just a few of this emoji's reactions.

Maybe you run a spa and want to encourage rest and relaxation. In this case, your SMS message might say something like:

18. What Does 🤢 Mean?

This queasy-looking emoji doesn’t look so good. It symbolizes disgust, nausea, or a gross physical reaction to something.


19. What Does 🤭 Mean?

This emoji is all coy, with its hand covering its mouth. Some think it's covering its mouth because it's giggling, and others assume it's because it's shy or embarrassing. How you interpret this emoji might depend on the context of the message.


20. What Does 🤗 Mean?

This emoji has two different meanings depending on how you interpret what the smiley face is doing. If you think the face is making a hugging gesture, you will use it as encouragement, love, or support. Alternatively, interpreting them as "jazz hands" would imply a happy situation in need of celebrating.


21. What Does 😎 Mean?

You can’t get much cooler than this smiley emoji wearing shades. Use this icon if you think something is cool or want to show that you feel confident about a situation.


22. What Does 🤬 Mean?

This emoji is so angry that it's spewing expletives. You’d use this when you’re feeling ticked off and want to show them how you truly feel. Depending on the circumstance and context, you should refrain from using this in a professional business setting.


Sample SMS Message

23. What Does 🤯 Mean?

Want to indicate that your mind has been blown? Then this is the perfect emoji for you. This emoji means you’re shocked, amazed, or in awe.

You could include this when announcing a special promo that will blow your customers away. For instance:

24. What Does 😇 Mean?

This angelic emoji face meaning comes down to innocence. It’s also associated with good blessings, kindness, and prayers.


25. What Does 😈 Mean?

The devil emoji is the opposite of the angel face emoji, which is all about trouble. It’s a little bit sneaky and cheeky, indicating devilish ideas, mischief, or evil thoughts.


26. What Does ❤️ Mean?

As you might assume, the heart emoji is a symbol of love. You can use it in all sorts of ways, from showing you appreciate something to expressing your love.


27. What Does 💔 Mean?

This broken-heart emoji is pretty straightforward. If you’re sad, disappointed, or displeased with the outcome of something, this emoji might accompany your message.


Sample SMS Message

28. What Does 👀 Mean?

These eyeballs have several meanings. You could use it to say, “Hey, check this out!” “Did you see that?” Or even, “Look out!” Again, you should add more color around your message, so the eyeballs speak for themselves.

An example message with this emoji could include details about a preview of your upcoming collection:

29. What Does 💯 Mean?

The meaning of this emoji represents 100%. It’s a seal of approval or a sign that you agree with something wholeheartedly.


30. What Does ✅ Mean?

You might use this emoji to give someone the green light or your approval. However, you could also use it to indicate you’ve already taken care of something, as you’ve checked off that box.


31. What Does 🎈 Mean?

Typically the balloon emoji is a sign of a celebration, suggesting, “Let’s party!” That is, unless you’re a fan of “It,” the Stephen King horror film, in which case, the balloon might have a more sinister intent.


32. What Does 💀 Mean?

While skeletons usually represent death, this emoji has taken on a slightly twisted meaning. To the Gen Z generation, it means, “I’m dead.” Many Gen-Zers use the skeleton emoji instead of the crying laughing emojis to indicate something is so funny that they’re dying.


Sample SMS Message

33. What Does 💰 Mean?

The money bag emoji quite literally represents money or wealth. Include this emoji if you're sending a message about deals and discounts or a raise. Here’s an example:

34. What Does 🤦 Mean?

This emoji is often referred to as the “facepalm.” You can use this to express frustration or embarrassment as if you’re covering your face in shame. You could also use it to reference a mistake made or suggest the ineptitude of someone or something.


35. What Does 🤷 Mean?

Known as the “shruggie,” this emoji is often used as a sign of indifference. Some say “Whatever,” while others use it to imply giving up. You might even use the shruggie to suggest you don’t know the answer to something.


Sample SMS Message

36. What Does 🙋 Mean?

The emoji is raising its hand. You might use it to say something like “Pick me!” or “Call on me!” Or, it could mean that you’re raising your hand in guilt. Because this one is slightly ambiguous, you may need to include some additional text around it to properly convey your message.

For example, you could use this emoji when announcing a special giveaway:

37. What Does 💩 Mean?

No, it’s not ice cream. This rather graphic icon often accompanies bathroom topics that aren’t exactly safe for work. That said, some use it to express silliness, while others use it as a sign of disapproval.


38. What Does 🙈 Mean?

There are three monkey emojis, all of which symbolize the “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” proverb. This one represents the “see no evil,” and you might use it to imply that you don’t even want to look at something or act like you didn’t see it in the first place.


39. What Does 🙉 Mean?

A part of the monkey trilogy, this “hear no evil” monkey is used when you don’t want to listen to something. Maybe you’re suggesting it’s not for your ears or pretending not to hear it. You might even use it to say, “Don’t tell me!” or “I don’t even want to know!”


40. What Does 🙊 Mean?

You could use the “speak no evil” monkey emoji to suggest your lips are sealed or express disbelief that you just said something you shouldn’t have. For example, “Did I just say that out loud?”


Sample SMS Message

41. What Does 🥂 Mean?

These clinking champagne glasses imply that a toast is in order. It’s a festive gesture used to imply a celebration.

Perhaps your florist shop is hosting its grand opening. You include this emoji in your SMS invitation to your guests:

42. What Does 🤌 Mean?

This fun emoji has two very different meanings, so you may need to include some context to convey which one you’re implying. Some use it to represent the Italian hand gesture known as “ma che vuoi,” meaning “What do you mean?” or “What are you talking about?” Meanwhile, others see it as the chef’s kiss, wherein you would pinch two fingers together and blow a kiss, expressing admiration or approval of something.


43. What Does 🤞 Mean?

The hand emoji meaning of this icon is “fingers crossed.” It’s a good luck symbol, encouraging your preferred outcome.


44. What Does 👍 Mean?

The good ol’ thumbs up usually implies something is good or good to go. However, be careful, as some people like to use it sarcastically, how you might give a thumbs up in response to something you’re not excited about.


45. What Does 👎 Mean?

As you might expect, the thumbs-down emoji is the opposite of the thumbs-up one. Sending the thumbs-down emoji is a quick and easy want to express your disapproval. It means it’s a no-go or that you dislike something.


46. What Does ✌️ Mean?

Wondering about this hand emoji's meaning? It’s two fingers making the peace sign. For example, you may indicate peace, harmony, and unity or say "Peace out" if you're ending a conversation.


Sample SMS Message

47. What Does 💪 Mean?

The flexing arm muscle is a symbol of strength and power. You could use it to encourage someone during a difficult endeavor or to indicate a “flex,” slang for showing arrogance and superiority.

For example, maybe your small business is hosting a charity run:

48. What Does 🙏 Mean?

This emoji has two meanings, depending on how you interpret the symbol. If you see it as two hands in a praying position, you will use it to show that you're hoping for something or praying for a particular outcome. Alternatively, you might see it as two hands high-fiving, so you'd use it to congratulate or encourage someone.


49. What Does 🍑 Mean?

Who doesn’t love a delicious, ripe peach? Although this emoji is a simple, innocent peach, some jokesters occasionally use this same emoji in comedic references to a person’s rump. We like to keep thinking of it as a special summertime treat.


50. What Does 🔥 Mean?

If you receive a text with the fire emoji, it’s usually a sign of approval unless something is actually on fire. Otherwise, it means something is hot, sexy, or as the kids these days say, “fire,” meaning amazing or exciting.

How to Use Emojis in Your Mass Texting Messages

Who said your mass texting needs to be straight-laced and dull? Not us! Including emojis in your texts is a fun and playful way to add color and personality to your messages and encourage engagement and action from your audience. Just make sure you follow these best practices for using emojis in mass text messages:

1. Know Your Emoji: Make sure you understand the exact meaning of any emoji before using it in a professional manner. Some emojis can be misinterpreted, so it's important to be clear.

2. Don't Overdo It: Emojis should add value to your mass text message, not replace it. If an emoji feels out of place, it's best to forego it.

3. Stay On Brand: While emojis can add personality to your messaging, avoid using anything too silly or unprofessional unless it fits your brand's voice and tone.

4. Less Is More: When you do reach for an emoji, make sure you stick to one or two per message to avoid overwhelming your audience.

5. Consider Your Audience: Think about who you're texting and why. The age of your audience is less of a consideration than why you may messaging them.

6. Test Across Multiple Platforms: Emojis can sometimes display differently on different devices. Make sure your message looks good and the emojis render correctly before sending.

To learn more about SMS messaging and how you can implement it into your marketing strategy, contact EZ Texting today!

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