Save Money and the Environment with Text Coupons

Text Coupons
Save Money and the Environment with Text Coupons

What could be better than the money consumers save when they decide to use your coupons and become a new customer? How about the costs your business can cut by trading in the wasteful paper versions of those coupons for their mobile counterparts? In addition to the money and paper that they save, offering text coupons also means reaching more customers. Therefore, mobile coupons have great potential to further boost the bottom line through a much greater return on investment than what traditional paper coupons can offer.

Mobile Coupons are More Likely to be Seen than Traditional Coupons

Consumers today spend a great deal of time on their mobile phones. They spend less of their time looking at other media, including the newspapers and magazines where print coupons appear. Smart businesses are capitalizing on this trend in consumer habits through mobile marketing. Just as QR codes have become a helpful way of getting potential customers to engage with businesses and to “opt in” to receive SMS texts messages and other promotional materials via their phones, mobile coupons, which don't need to be printed, are an additional way of winning over consumers.

Text Coupons are More Likely to be Redeemed, and they Won't End up in the Trash

Mobile coupons are ten times more likely to be redeemed than coupons taken from printed materials, with the mobile versions being used at a rate of 30%, compared to exactly the same coupon in printed materials having a redemption rate of only less than 1%. That's a lot of money and time wasted on printing something that will simply end up in the garbage instead of bringing customers through your door. That's also a tragedy for our environment, considering how many trees go into making paper coupons that may never even be seen, much less used.


Aside from the fact that almost 100% of the text messages we receive on our mobile phones get opened and therefore seen and considered, another reason mobile coupons are redeemed so much more often than paper ones is a simple logistical one: they're always with customers on their phones. People carry their phones everywhere, after all, but often leave printed coupons at home where they can't be used. The number of coupons redeemed via tablet and mobile devices this year, on the other hand, is expected to be up by more than 50% compared to last year, reaching the 10 billion mark

Targeting Exactly the Right Audience

Another reason for the success of mobile coupons is that it is easier to figure out how to get them into precisely the hands of those who are most likely to come into your store to use them. For example, some companies activate mobile coupons when consumers use their phones to check in at their stores. Geo-location features on mobile phones are another way that businesses may target the consumers most likely to use their coupons. Businesses try to place print coupons in publications that appeal to a targeted audience. However, the fact is that the slow, expensive process that takes place between when the initial idea is conceived and the moment the publication gets into potential consumers' hands results in less certainty about where the coupons end up. Unfortunately, that place could be the waste basket. Your company's resources are valuable, and so are the world's natural resources. Today's consumers appreciate the convenience of mobile coupons, which reach them wherever they are and are more likely to be used, not wasted.

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