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4 Cinco de Mayo Marketing Ideas

Image of Mexican fiesta flags
May 2, 2023
EZ Texting
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¡Celebracion! Cinco de Mayo offers small businesses an annual opportunity to attract new customers while engaging current ones, and with the right Cinco de Mayo mobile marketing practices, you can boost your sales revenue this year.

A Brief History: Cinco De Mayo in the U.S.

Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th, commemorates the Mexican defeat of French troops at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Celebrated among Mexican communities in Mexico and the United States, it has become a holiday dedicated to drinks, delicious food, customary music, and togetherness.

image of calendar day representing cinco de mayo

4 Cinco de Mayo Mobile Marketing Ideas to Employ This Year

If you are planning an SMS mobile marketing scheme in time for this holiday, check out these four Cinco de Mayo marketing ideas:


Fun With Hashtags

Why not create a hashtag campaign? Make one about a week or a few days before Cinco de Mayo encouraging consumers to take selfies with your merchandise, such as a Cinco de Mayo cup bearing your brand name. Feel free to create a competition out of it – think creative selfies featuring the cup and the appropriate hashtag. Give “awards” on Cinco de Mayo to participating customers, such as text coupons or discount information for free food, drinks, products, or services. Don’t feel limited to selfies--the hashtag campaign can include anything you want if relevant. Looking for a little inspiration? Add some punch to your text messages using hashtags like:

  • #CelebrateCinco
  • #CincodeMayo2023
  • #CincodeMayoParty
  • #CincodeDrinko
  • #CincoCerveza
  • #FiestaTime
  • #LetsFiesta
  • #MargaritaLove
  • #MexicanHeritage
  • #MexicanFood
  • #OleOleOle
  • #VivaMexico


Fiesta Time!

Sample Message

Once you have your recruitment website ready for interested applicants to apply, you can focus on fine-tuning your content to better suit the ideal candidate you need to find. Make loyal customers feel special by throwing an exclusive Cinco de Mayo celebration. Text a special VIP Keyword to customers who have been with your brand for years, regularly purchase certain products or services, etc. EZ Texting Keywords can trigger an invite to a private party that includes complimentary food and beverages, deep discounts on certain items, free trials of services, and whatever else you want to feature. A fantastic way of thanking customers for their loyalty, it’s also a way to spread the word about your brand. After all, don’t happy customers enjoy talking about favorite products and special related benefits?

The ways to engage your audience are virtually limitless with SMS mobile marketing. Check out a few more ways you can leverage EZ Texting during your Cinco de Mayo advertising to drive more results and have some fun along the way:

  • Interactive quizzes or SMS polls about the holiday, your brand, or an event you may be holding
  • QR codes to encourage target audiences to quickly join contact lists for more alerts
  • Reminder texts for special events, like the one discussed above
  • MMS picture texts of raffle items, festive gatherings, or other promotional graphics.


Special Promotions

Sample Message

Throwing a huge Cinco de Mayo sale? Expedite the invitation process by letting customers know via bulk text. While you’re at it, include exclusive sales codes that guarantee discounts on the holiday. Now’s a great time to have fun with your audience. For example, since you’re observing the holiday on the 5th of May, incorporate the number “5” into your messaging or discount codes. Consumers never tire of exclusive coupons and promotions and are much more likely to patronize your business if they know they can get something for cheap, if not free.


Powerful Call to Action

Keep your call-to-action from ruining your Cinco de Mayo mobile marketing campaign. Instead, opt for engaging, if somewhat personal, options such as “Start Your Adventure Here” and “Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Us By [Doing X and Y].” Whatever you decide, keep it concise and creative, and never, ever use “Click Here” and similar statements.

To help you get the most out of your Cinco de Mayo advertising, consider modifying some of the below examples into your mobile messaging this year:

  • "Join the fiesta! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us!"
  • "Don't miss out on our Cinco de Mayo specials. Order now!"
  • "Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our authentic Mexican flavors. Order today!"
  • "Don't wait until it's too late! Contact us today to ensure your Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete."

Start Leveraging Cinco De Mayo Text Strategies

These are just some of the many ways to incorporate Cinco de Mayo into your upcoming sms engagement strategies. If you have questions about SMS text marketing or how it can help you nurture more engagement at scale with your target audience, please start a free 14-day trial (no credit card required), and see for yourself.

¡Feliz cinco de mayo y feliz mensaje de texto!

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