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5 SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas for Summer

Soak up these summer marketing ideas, from social media contests to sales promotions and more.

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June 12, 2024
Kathleen Crampton
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It's that time of year again when the sun shines brighter, the days get longer, and marketing campaigns get hotter than a sizzling beach barbecue.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to market your brand, nurture customers, and cater to sun-seekers everywhere. We've compiled a list of the best summer marketing ideas to engage your audience, give seasonal inspiration, and keep your marketing strategies on track.


Summer Marketing Campaign Ideas

From hospitality summer SMS marketing to travel and DIY campaigns, the summer SMS takeover is happening, so it’s time to hop on board.


Host a Summer Holiday Social Media Contest

Want to get people talking? Ask about their pets. Pet parents are the perfect audience to engage in your brand’s social media channels. To celebrate National Dog Day in August, host a contest on your social media accounts that asks followers to post photos of their pets looking extra cute. Now sure how to incorporate this summer marketing idea into your seasonal strategy? Here’s an example:

Your company sells recreational goods and markets to the outdoorsy types. But your social media contest is all about thrill-seekers’ furry sidekicks. Invite followers to post photos of their dogs participating in outdoor activities with their owners (like riding in a bike basket, splashing in a river, or hiking with their human). The best photo wins a gift card to your website. But to enter, they must include the hashtag #hellosummer, tag your brand, and tag three friends.

This summer marketing campaign engages your followers, helps to expand your audience reach, and capitalizes on people’s love for their pets.

But how do you reach people who might not follow you on social media? Easy. Promote the contest via SMS, providing short links to the accounts with the contest.


Promote a Vacation-Ready Kit

When summertime hits, people start planning vacations: purchasing flights, booking seaside dinner reservations, and organizing schedules with family members. They have a lot on their plates. Make your customers' trip planning easier with a vacation-ready kit.

Here are a couple of ideas that can help spark creativity for your brand’s summer promotion:

  • A skincare company releases travel-sized bottles of its most popular skincare regimen, plus an accompanying waterproof travel case in various colors.
  • An outdoor goods company markets "sets" products based on different activities, like the ultimate beach-goer's set, camping necessities, or a Saturday morning pickleball tournament set.
Sample Text Message

This promotion is the perfect SMS marketing idea for your summer campaign. Compile the kits on your website with a dedicated page for the summer promotion. Then, share the link to this page with customers who have opted into your text messages. You could say, "(The Great Outdoors) Need a little inspo for your summer vacay activities? Check out our curated sets that set your next outdoor adventure up for success. [link]"


Highlight Your Seasonal Content

Summer days are easy and breezy, so your summer marketing campaign ideas should be, too. Take a break from pushing products and focus on content that highlights seasonal activities. This could include:

  • DIY content. The long summer days are the perfect time to tackle household projects, like sprucing up the garden, building that long-wanted chicken coop, or turning the garage into a home gym. Capitalize on the dreamy DIY minds of your customers by pushing how-to content, which can build trust with your audience.
  • Travel guides. Localized content is the way to go for a summer marketing idea. Inspire wanderlust in your customers with travel-related content, like city or multiday trip guides. This is a great opportunity to incorporate user-generated content with social channel takeovers from influencers, where they take viewers on a tour through a city.

Promote your summer content consistently across social channels, SMS, and email.


Showcase Summer Retail Sales

While keeping your summer marketing ideas content-focused can be a great strategy, the reality is that people do purchase specific things during the summer. So, turn this into an SMS promotion for products you know customers will be searching for and buying during the summer months, like fans, sunscreen, suitcases, outdoor grilling products, swimsuits, sandals, etc.

Sample Text Message

Send text blasts to your customer base highlighting special sales throughout the summer. Maybe your natural zinc SPF is on sale early in the season, and your swimsuits go on sale around Labor Day. Whatever product sales you're promoting, make sure your customers see them via text.

Here’s an example: “(WAVES) We never do this, but … our bikinis are on sale! Get 20% off your purchase of $125 or more for the next 3 days. Choose your poolside look now: [link]”

Another tip to seal the deal on your customers actually reading your text? Send it on Monday during business hours. Timing is everything. Check out the other essential SMS marketing practices.


Organize an Event in Your Community

Bring your summer marketing campaign ideas to the local level by organizing a summertime event in your city or neighborhood. Not only can you promote your brand, but you can also attract new customers and clients with in-person marketing.

People want to soak up the summer sun, so give them something fun to do! Here are some top-notch community event ideas:

  • “Small biz” day that involves other participating businesses in the neighborhood
  • Fun run/walk
  • Food or beer festival
  • Movie night in the park
  • Street fair featuring local makers

While this isn’t specifically an SMS marketing idea, it should be promoted via text to customers and clients who have opted in. Get the word out about your event by sharing information and a link to a dedicated event page on your website (or a community website). If any other businesses are participating, make sure that they send out text blasts, too. You should also be promoting the event by email, social channels, and posters or flyers around town.

Dive Into SMS Marketing With EZ Texting

With all of these creative summer marketing ideas, it looks like SMS will save summer! Convert leads, connect with your customers, grow your audience reach, and boost your ROI with help from EZ Texting. We’re here to help you streamline your marketing campaigns year-round.

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