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Three Ways EZ Texting Can Help You Better Manage Loyalty Programs

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September 15, 2022
EZ Texting
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For most retail locations, increasing the number of repeat customers is the pot of gold at the end of the marketing rainbow. Developing solid relationships with your customers so they choose you over your competitors might seem like a pipe dream, but building this level of brand loyalty is easier than you think.

Check out three ways that EZ Texting can help you develop and manage customer loyalty programs:

Leverage Sign-up Tools to Grow Customer Lists

1. Text-to-Donate: Look at What Works

Keywords are 2-12 character phrases (a character is a letter, number, or punctuation mark) that businesses advertise and customers use to text in. EZ Texting clients use a shared short code; Keywords ensure that texts sent to a short code end up in the correct inbox. Consider advertising a message on social media or on flyers, such as: “Text NEWDEALS to 858585 to get the latest promos and discounts at Brenda’s Boutique.” EZ Texting will auto-sort contacts who’ve used this keyword into a separate group. Also, since this particular group has agreed to receive future promotions, you've likely turned them into repeat business.


2. Simple Sign-up Tools (Widgets)

These are customizable lead forms that you can place on websites or social media. Customers submit their contact info - first name, last name, and mobile number - and are more likely to do it if there is an enticing offer for their efforts. A sample sign-up tool might say: “Fill out your info below to get 50% off your next coffee at Cool Beans and be the first to hear about future promotions.” This is effective because the customers have a clear call to action and a coffee offer to motivate them to take the extra time to fill out the form. Similar to keywords, EZ Texting auto-sorts responses into groups based on the sign-up tool the new contact used.


3. Save Resources While Strategically Engaging Customers

With contacts sorted into groups, you’ll be able to market to them based on their stated interests and preferences. For example, if your COOKINGCLASS keyword netted 200 new contacts, you can reach out to them for future cooking classes and other related messaging. But setting up repeat messages for different groups at regular intervals can strain your resources, so how can you re-market to them while also saving time and money?

Reminder Campaigns enable you to create SMS or MMS messages (standard texts or texts with an image attached) at customizable, pre-scheduled intervals. Whether you want to send a message each Wednesday, monthly, or every 3rd Tuesday, simply write your text message, choose the time and date of your delivery, then choose the frequency. It’s that simple. Texts are opened four times more than emails, so this should be a key component of generating loyalty.


of customers would rather text customer service questions

The Power of Being There for Your Customers

If your customers are going to be loyal to you at the register, then you have to be loyal to them when they have questions. EZ Chat is a customer service tool that enables you to have personalized text message conversations with your customers. You can enable EZ Chat on new landlines or on your existing ones. When customers text an EZ Chat-enabled line, you will receive their messages in a special dashboard. Managing your customer conversations is simple; your entire list of chats are on the left panel, while the conversation you’re currently having is on the top right panel. Below that is where you type your message back to customers.

Textable customer support might be the way most industries are headed. Two studies uncovered some customer trends:

Customers prefer texting customer service questions, and it also saves money. Enable this platform to better serve your customers and strengthen your relationships with them.

EZ Texting has all the right features to help develop customer loyalty. The features above are just the start. Call EZ Texting at (855) 854-3024 to learn more about how EZ Texting can better connect you with your contacts.

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