Mobile Marketing Guides & White Papers

Looking for an in-depth read on mobile marketing? You've come to the right place. These 5-Minute Guides are all written in plain English. They translate extensive mobile marketing research into actionable strategies that you can use with a mobile marketing solution like EZ Texting!

Mobile Marketing With Text Messaging

The prospect of launching your first mobile marketing campaign can be downright scary. Mobile is a new platform, with new conventions, new language, and new metrics. Perhaps you’ve read a white paper in the past. It was probably dozens of pages long and filled with incomprehensible jargon. We understand where you are coming from. And that is why we put together this EZ Guide To Mobile Marketing With Text Messaging.

The Best Way To Build Your Opt-In SMS Marketing List

Learn how to build a list of customers to send your SMS Marketing messages to. We’ll provide you with several examples of what's worked best in the past for our clients, as well as go through pitfalls and common mistakes so you can avoid making them yourself. Each example and idea will have to be tailored to what industry your business is in, but you’ll still have a wealth of knowledge to get going on building your subscriber list!

Shared Short Codes & Dedicated Short Codes

Complex technical information is great if you are a software developer. Unfortunately, it is not very helpful if you are a decision-maker considering whether a short code is right for your business or organization. Learn about the costs, differences and pros and cons of shared short codes and dedicated short codes. Choosing the right option is essential to the success of your mobile marketing strategy. And that's why we put together this EZ Guide To Short Codes.

50 Fantastic Uses of SMS Text Messaging

Marketers at Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike are using text messaging in a number of innovative and effective ways. To help you understand the powerful use of SMS text messaging we've compiled 50 Fantastic uses of text message marketing. See mobile marketing strategies that work and add them to your own campaigns.

Mobile Marketing With Keywords

If you’re an active texter, chances are you’ve already used a mobile keyword. Even if you don’t text that often, you still might be familiar with keywords, even if you don’t realize it. As you’ll see in this guide, keywords power mobile coupons and contests, allow consumers to join your marketing list from their phone, and even let you send out mass text messages when on the go.