Successful Mobile Valentine’s Day Campaigns

Successful Mobile Valentine’s Day Campaigns

Several brands made effective use of Valentine’s Day mobile marketing campaigns this year. Let’s check out a few of these campaigns and why they were so effective as mobile marketing strategies!

Expedia “Find Yours” Dream Location Ads

Travel brand Expedia created a four-day burst campaign that allowed potential V-Day travelers to imagine experiences in Las Vegas and New York City, two important romantic holiday destinations. This mobile marketing strategy encouraged users to book Valentine’s Day vacations through Expedia in addition to downloading the app. The latter was particularly useful in terms of brand awareness and repeat business. Users clicked assorted Las Vegas and NYC travel ads and enjoyed easy “landscape interaction” that also highlighted the benefits of booking with Expedia.

The result was a near-double increase in mobile users’ time-in-ad, as well as an average engagement rate of 21 percent, including both hotel bookings and app downloads. 

Pandora Jewelry: Mobile Ads Targeted to Men

Pandora Jewelry appealed to men this February with a mobile marketing strategy used on key dates, including Super Bowl Sunday! Featuring the theme, “Create a Valentine’s Gift in Minutes,” the ad targeted men on the hunt for unique Valentine’s Day gifts. Ads ran on mobile sites and apps on Sundays leading up to the Super Bowl as well as the big game day. These ads even ran in between plays, and some featured additional categories interesting to men, including games, entertainment and weather.

Over 2,000 men used the campaign to create gift lists, and the number of users on Super Bowl Sunday was 17 times the number of clicks the campaign received in the previous 16 days.

Pizza Hut’s #CommitToGreatness Campaign

This fun and funny Valentine’s Day campaign invites users to create an Instagram or Vine video where they “proposed” to Pizza Hut! Submissions are welcome until February 21, with the top three user proposals receiving chances to compete in “meet the parents” and other challenges. The winner, selected on March 14, will receive free Pizza Hut pizza for the rest of his or her life.

Pizza Hut even created an Ok Cupid profile to showcase the proposals!

ProFlowers Coupon Codes

ProFlowers teamed with Uber to create a unique mobile marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day. Consumers receive a 15 percent ProFlowers app discount when they use the code “Uber,” available through March 31. The flowers company also provided Uber riders in 28 cities with some 150,000 flowers on Valentine’s Day!

This mobile marketing solution undoubtedly appealed to anyone looking to send holiday flowers, as who doesn’t like a good discount? The chance to receive beautiful flowers for being an Uber rider was also an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Coming up with unique and effective mobile marketing solutions is a cornerstone of the business world these days! The above companies certainly demonstrated their ability to execute effective, consumer-friendly campaigns that garnered fantastic results. What’s not to like?

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