Who Uses EZ Texting

Who uses text marketing? Probably more businesses than you imagine. Text marketing combines the intimacy and immediacy of SMS messaging with the most effective means of communicating to a large group of people simultaneously. Many large corporations - the Coca Cola Company, Walmart, Toys “R” Us, etc. - have recognized the potential of SMS messaging and have integrated text messaging for business use into their mobile marketing strategies.

However, text message for business use is not just for large, multinational corporations. Every business that uses text marketing - no matter what its size - can benefit from bulk SMS messaging. As our Guide to SMS Marketing for Small Business illustrates, bulk SMS messaging is an inexpensive way to increase sales in a crowded marketing environment. It can also help to develop brand loyalty and ensure your customers return time and time again. 

How Text Messaging for Business Use Works

Text messaging for business use works via an online bulk texting platform. A business owner or marketing executive simply logs into the platform, uploads a list of opted-in customers, composes a message and clicks send. If they wish, the business owner/marketing executive can enhance the message with multimedia (MMS) files. Within minutes the business´s opted-in customers will be receiving news of the latest promotion or special deals wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

The online bulk texting platform has a number of features so that the success of the marketing campaign can be monitored. Analytics such as delivery rates, open rates, and spikes in engagement can help fine-tune future marketing campaigns. Messages can be personalized with the recipients´ names and scheduled to be delivered when they will have the greatest impact. It is also possible to integrate the bulk texting platform into existing marketing applications to increase the impact even more.

Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

Text message marketing for bars and nightclubs is one of the best examples of effective text marketing because of the age of their target market. 98% of the 18-29 age group have a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS message and, despite the growing popularity of Internet-enabled smartphones, 75% of millennials prefer SMS communications for promotions. Indeed, such is the popularity of SMS messaging that 83% of the “text generation” open SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.

As the 18-29-year-old demographic is perceived to have higher disposable income, more marketing is targeted towards them. Text message marketing for bars and nightclubs helps break through the volume of marketing by enabling bar and nightclub owners to send VIP passes, food and drink specials, and comp admission coupons directly into their target market´s pockets. You can find out more about text message marketing for bars and nightclubs in our dedicated Nightlife Info Center.

SMS Marketing for Education, Non-Profits and Community Groups

See how EZ Texting's marketing platform helped national nonprofit Bonneville Environmental Foundation to achieve large-scale water conservation.

When considering the question “Who uses text marketing”, educational institutions, non-profits, and community groups might not be the first category of organizations to spring to mind. However, many of these organizations have taken advantage of text messaging for business use to suit their own purposes. Who will ever forget President Obama´s text messaging campaign in 2008 or his “Text-to-Donate” fundraiser in 2012? 

In addition to using text messaging as a fundraising tool, SMS marketing for education, non-profits, and community groups is a simple and efficient way of contacting large groups of people simultaneously to warn of imminent danger. With the bulk texting platform monitoring who has received the warning message, organizations can be assured that their communities are safe. More uses of SMS marketing for education, non-profits and community groups can be found in our Education / Non-Profits Info Center.    

Benefits of an Event Text Messaging Service

An event text messaging service can generate benefits before, during and after a special event. Initially, you can encourage subscribers to join your event text messaging service by promising them they will be the “first-to-know” about forthcoming events and have priority on ticket allocations. During the event, you can add to your contact list with on-site signage and monetize your database by texting them with details of promotional offers.

If your event text messaging service is used for lectures, exhibitions, conferences, or trade shows, you can save money by texting delegates and attendees with a map of the location and a schedule of events. Not only will an event text messaging service save you money in printing and distributing thousands of guides but, as the ABC Red Top Auto Auction discovered, your company will also gain a reputation for excellent customer service and become an organization that customers want to do business with.

SMS Messaging for Religious Groups

One of the most versatile categories of organizations that use text marketing is religious groups. SMS messaging for religious groups can be used in several of the scenarios that have already been mentioned, such as requesting donations and ensuring that communities are safe, and they are an effective way for religious groups to connect with parishioners who might not be able to attend church ministries - such as the sick, those in the armed forces and parishioners in prison.

SMS messaging for religious groups uses a channel of communication that resonates with the youth of the parish. By engaging them via a channel of communication they are already using to connect with each other, SMS messaging for religious groups facilitates youth mentorship and develops relationships that will solidify a church´s membership and ensure future congregations. You can read about churches already using SMS messaging for religious groups in our Churches and Ministries Info Center.

How SMS Marketing for Restaurants Can Raise Brand Awareness

In our Restaurant Info Center, we provide an example of a restaurant that uses text marketing to generate engagement and raise brand awareness via the poll builder feature on the bulk texting platform. The poll builder is a particularly useful tool for text message marketing, as it seeks your customers’ opinions and encourages them to share the poll with families, friends, and colleagues, who - if they like your poll - will also want to join your restaurant marketing service.

SMS marketing for restaurants can be used for special promotions, loyalty schemes and to distribute coupons. Out-of-store on-demand coupons distributed by SMS have a redemption rate of 30% - 50% - up to eight times higher than coupons attached to an email. Once your customers have arrived at your restaurant, in-store on-demand coupons have a redemption rate of 70% - 80%. These figures indicate just how successful SMS marketing for restaurants can be.

The Benefits of a Real Estate SMS Messaging Service

One final example verticals using text marketing concerns the real estate industry. Possibly you have already seen text messaging for business in use on “For Sale” signs positioned outside of homes for sale. These typically have the realtor´s contact details and an invitation to “text ´House` to 313131 to get further details about this property”. Once a potential homebuyer sends the text, they are opted into the realtor´s database to receive details of similar properties as they become available.

A real estate SMS messaging service can also be used for property management and leasing services. In our Real Estate Info Center, we feature case studies from two companies who put their real estate SMS messaging service to good use - one saving more than $140,000 in marketing costs per year, and the second reducing the length of time their Manhattan office properties remain unoccupied. These case studies could relate to any company that uses text marketing, as text messaging for business use is inexpensive, effective, and an essential part of any mobile marketing strategy.

Find Out More about Who Uses Text Marketing

If you would like to know more about who uses text marketing - or rather, find out more about using text marketing in your own organization - you are invited to contact our team of Client Success Managers. Our team has more than a decade of experience helping over 160,000 businesses, groups, and individuals get started with EZ Texting´s bulk messaging platform, and will be delighted to discuss your individual situation with you to provide the best possible advice.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit, or a small community group, text messaging for business use can enhance your organization's marketing and communication efforts. You do not have to be a marketing expert or possess any special technical skills to benefit from text messaging for business use and, if you call us today, you could be the next organization or business on the list of “who uses text marketing”.