The 5 Best Church Texting Solutions For Budget-Minded Congregations

07 May

Texting solutions can give your church a big bang for your buck. It costs just pennies to send texts which get extraordinary engagement rates.

Text messages get better engagement rates than email and all other marketing channels by orders of magnitude. Contacts open only 21% of emails, whereas an internal study showed that 98% of people who received text messages from our platform read them.

So, all you have to do is pick the first cheap church texting solution you come across and start blasting texts, right? Not so fast.

Not all church texting services are made alike. You need a platform that is reliable, responsive, easy to use, has a robust feature set, friendly customer support, and, yes, a good price.

We've been a leader in the church text messaging space for over a decade, so we know what to look for. We'll give you a handful of options to check out below.

The 5 Best Affordable Church Texting Solutions

Here are five church texting solutions to check out. Each option will detail platform highlights, the company founding date, pricing, and their website traffic ranking to give you a sense of how well-known they are. (Traffic ranking numbers were pulled from Alexa at the time of writing.)

For more information on getting started with texting for churches, check out our Beginner's Guide to Church Text Messaging and our free Church Text Messaging Playbook with 21 message templates you can use today.


ChurchCast is a multi-channel communications platform for churches with message capabilities in voice, email, and SMS. ChurchCast is a branch of High Ground Solutions which provides an array of technological tools for churches. ChurchCast offers message translation, keyword texting, and integrations with the Alertus and Panic Button systems. There are a few testimonials, but no case studies available on their site.

  • Founded (Unknown)
  • Pricing: $0.05 per text (based on 1,000 sends per month)
  • U.S. Website Traffic Ranking: Unranked

Church Text Messaging Playbook

Club Texting

New York-based Club Texting has been offering text messaging services since 2006. The platform offers many features that churches will find beneficial including MMS, a signup tool, recurring messages, drip campaigns, and message templates. There are no church-related reviews or case studies available on their site.

  • Founded 2006
  • Pricing: $0.05 per text (based on 1,000 sends per month)
  • U.S. Website Traffic Ranking: 109,447 (lower numbers = more traffic)

Text In Church

Text In Church is the newest platform on our list (founded in 2013). Two reviews on G2 Crowd averaged to 4.5/5 stars. Features include email capabilities, group management, integrations with Planning Center, and automated workflows. There are several testimonials on their website. Church customers include Fellowship Church, The Table, and Good News Church.

  • Founded 2013
  • Pricing: $0.04 per text (based on 1,000 sends per month)
  • U.S. Website Traffic Ranking: 48,481 (lower numbers = more traffic)


TextMagic is a UK-based business with a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model with no monthly obligations. The company has an average 4.3 of 5 stars on G2Crowd with 27 total reviews. There are no church-related reviews or case studies available on their site. TextMagic features include two-way SMS chat, SMS distribution lists, email to SMS, virtual mobile numbers, and a Zapier SMS integration.

  • Founded 2001
  • Pricing: $0.04 per text (based on 1,000 sends per month)
  • U.S. Website Traffic Ranking: 24,146 (lower numbers = more traffic)

EZ Texting

EZ Texting (that's us!) has been a leader in the text messaging service space for over a decade and has helped more than 160,000 customers. Church customers are surprised by the level of service provided by the support team and the ease of use of the platform. A long list of useful features for churches includes unlimited groups, keyword texting, drip campaigns, automated reminders, and the one-on-one messaging platform, EZ Chat. Notable church customers include Saddleback Church (yes, that's Rick Warren's megachurch) and Third Reform Church. Read the Saddleback case study here. 184 customers have left reviews on G2 Crowd with an average of 4.4/5 and 42 reviewers on Capterra delivered an average of 4.5/5.

  • Founded 2004
  • Pricing: $0.05 per text (based on 1,000 sends per month)
  • U.S .Website Traffic Ranking: 12,483 (lower numbers = more traffic)

Which Church Texting Service Is Right for You?

As you make a decision on a church texting service, consider the criteria we've highlighted above, but don't stop there. When you get a short list of candidates, take one or two of them for a spin with a free trial. Take note of how long it takes to get started and how easy it is to get acclimated to the interface. These are usually good indicators of how your overall experience with the provider will turn out.

Our free sign-up process usually takes less than five minutes. Our helpful automated wizard will show you how to get started quickly, and our text messaging experts are on-hand and ready to help you get off the ground running with SMS marketing.

Church Text Messaging Playbook

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