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How an Internet Start-Up Enhanced Services with SMS Texting

600Amps is a locally owned and operated wireless broadband internet service provider (ISP) offering high-speed internet access for residential and business customers in Southern Oregon.

Delivering reliable service at reasonable rates, founder Rick Duvall is equally dedicated to providing excellent customer service.


Increase in Response Time

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Customer Success at All-Time High


Faster Resolution of Service Outages

The Challenge: Solving Missed Calls and Communicating Seamlessly

Duvall noticed customers were calling but not leaving voicemails. Concerned, he investigated and determined the missed calls were actually text messages — which the business’s phone line was unable to receive. Additionally, during any outage shortages, he’d be flooded with overwhelming amounts of concerned calls, all of which took up precious time that he, as a small business owner, needed to fix the service disruptions. This slowed down the repair process, resulting in even more calls.

I needed to be able to effectively communicate with my customers in a way that worked for them. EZ Texting has made it possible to use my existing business line to send and receive texts, which my customers love, and which allows me to provide excellent service.

Rick Duvall, Owner - 600Amps

The Solution

About 80% of consumers find calling customer service frustrating and favor companies who text. Duvall needed to reach subscribers on the devices they use to communicate — their mobile phones. As an ISP, providing quick response times and outage alerts are essential.

Utilizing EZ Texting’s 1-to-1 messaging feature and text-to-landline service, Duvall boosted efficiency in managing workflow as he seamlessly responded directly to incoming texts on multiple devices. By keeping his personal numbers private, he maintained his healthy work/life balance.

The Results

SMS communications allow Duvall to seamlessly receive and respond to inquiries and repair requests — translating into happier customers who are more likely to stay with the service and recommend it. Duvall can also quickly alert subscribers to any outages with the click of a button.

Additionally, because providing text support is unusual for internet providers, a text-enabled landline sets Duvall apart in a crowded and competitive market.