Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews

It was, as the name suggests, easy. We tried another website but never got a text out.

"We are a homebuilder and use it to update Realtors with specials. We can directly attribute several sales to the power of the text blast."
- D.R. Horton

DR Horton

Thanks for your help on a Sunday morning.

"Thanks for your help on a sunday morning. I really do appreciate it. It only confirms I made the right choice of providers."
- Bryan Gennes, LoveMyCoupons


The easiest and most cost-effective way to send bulk messages to our admitted students.

"We text our applicants once they are accepted. Many students are very excited to get that kind of news, so it helps us keep them interested and excited about coming to Creighton. We were one of the first universities to start sending acceptance texts. Our mobile strategy helps us stay on the cutting edge and continue to be where students are."
- Creighton University

Creighton University

Ez Texting has been very easy to work with...we had chosen another company and then found out they were having massive technical difficulties.

"We use Ez Texting to send text messages from our website. The role Ez Texting plays in our business is extremely important... matter of fact, we wouldn't be in business without EzTexting's mobile marketing services."
- Hunger Magnet, Inc.

Hunger Magnet

The best way to reach our students!

"We text students and parents the day before we are going to one of our schools. More efficient than mailing a notice that sometimes never reaches the student. Less expensive way to communicate than a 44 cent stamp"
- Memphis Ring Leader

Memphis Ring Leader

The service is reliable, the system operates flawlessly, the prices are competitive and reasonable, and the customer service is fantastic.

"Ez Texting provides a means for communicating with everyone in our fraternity at the click of a button. With its modest price tag and ease of use, we were able to replace our older, less efficient system."
- Ethan Gremillion, Theta Chi Fraternity

Theta Chi Fraternity

The easiest and most user friendly site I visited and tried.

"We are using Ez Texting to communicate with our members - sending updates, reminders and info blasts."
- Community United Against Violence

Community United Against Violence

Clear billing options, pay-as-you-go, no monthly fees.

"We use Ez Texting to send out meeting reminders to our business partners; they are inundated with emails already, so mobile marketing SMS is a great tool."
- Dries Janssens, State Continuing Education

State Continuing Education

We choose Ez Texting, firstly, because it worked in Canada and as we investigated further it had really great features.

"We use Ez texting to send reminders to our conference participants about upcoming events, important news flashes, etc. Since the majority of our users are teenagers, we find this to be an effective method of communication."
- The Archdiocese of Halifax

The Archdiocese of Halifax

We chose Ez Texting after performing a competitive analysis of three online options.

"We appreciated the ability for hands-on testing during our analysis phase. We love the ability to pay & go and appreciate no startup/monthly fees. We plan to send text messages to our admitted students. Ez Texting will allow University of Michigan-Flint Undergraduate Admissions to be on the cutting edge of serving potential students, who (as studies show) think email is slow!"
- University of Michigan-Flint Undergraduate Admissions

University of Michigan-Flint Undergraduate Admissions

It was easier and cheaper to use than creating our own SMS messaging system.

"We use Ez Texting to congratulate our members on reaching rank advancements and to send out reminders on important calls. Ez Texting has increased our call numbers by 50%"
- Evolv Health

Evolv Health

Simplifies our communication, especially in times of disasters.

"Ez Texting is a great way to communicate with many people at the same time."
- Acadian Monitoring Service

Acadian Monitoring Service

The service offers easy API integration and a wide carrier support for the US.

"Our lesson scheduling system messages instructors about late-notice changes to the schedule throughout the day. This automated system cuts down on administration time and phone calls required, saving time and money."
- Hovland Conservatory of Music

Hovland Conservatory Of Music

Quickest response to inquiries.

"We send texts to our contestants in Canada and the US. It has helped us in getting the word out to them quicker."
- Professional Bull Riders

Professional Bull Riders

I needed an API to integrate SMS coupons with our POS system.

"We run SMS coupon campaigns in local newspapers. Text message coupons have generated a lot of interest, and have given us a new ability to text mobile coupons to our participants on any occasion."
- Northwest Pizza Partners

Pizza Partners

The pricing and server interaction were what we were looking for.

"We send notifications of new mobile phone products to our customers. Every time we send the texts, we receive a burst in sales."

Client Testimonial

We chose Ez Texting because it offers an affordable mass texting solution.

"We are using Ez Texting with our church safety team to broadcast safety-related messages including missing children, weather alerts, and other life-safety communications."
- Seth Delaney, Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church

Ez Texting was easy to use, quick to start up, the rates were explained clearly, and we could change or upgrade plans easily.

"We use Ez Texting to provide monthly reminders to officers in our organization. For example, to check their shipping address on file, or submit a certain report. At our big events, we use it to tease important sessions or entertainment. Most of our target audience are college students, so texting them hits them on their level. We get better and faster response through text reminders. "
- Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity

Zeta Tau Alpha

It makes it easy to communicate with a large group of people in one quick step.

"I like the layout and ease of use. Ez's site is setup very well and I have no problem navigating around to accomplish my goals."
- David Solar, Life One-O-One

Client Testimonial

Affordable solution with tons of features and an easy to use interface.

"It has helped us expand and diversify our portfolio of technology solutions we can bring to our clients, particulary to assist them with generating and tracking thier ROI."
- Brandon Munson, Fulcrum Design

Client Testimonial

Ez Texting was affordable and user friendly.

"I needed a mass-texting platform for my job. I'm a youth pastor and we have close to 80 volunteers, 320 teens, and double that in parents that I need to communicate with on a mass scale. I regularly text my students. I text my volunteers - sometimes weekly. Parents love it too because I can instantly announce any changes in our program week to week. Also, while on trips or retreats, I can instantly let parents know how their kids are doing just by accessing my account from a PC."
- Sunnybrook Church

Sunnybrook Community Church

Ez Texting makes alerting all our reporters instantly much, much easier.

"While we all have email accounts and can make phone calls, the nature of the news business is that stuff happens very quickly. We want to reach all our journalists and any other volunteer reporters instantly."
- Jon Beaupre, California State Univeristy, Los Angeles

Cal State LA