"Easy to use and fantastic return on investment! We'll save about $200K in 2019. EZ Texting also presents a new means by which we communicate with a growing segment of our 200,000 strong donor base. Great stuff! Highly recommended."
Steve Beck, ExecutiveDirector
Big Brother Big Sister Foundation
"Just like name, EZ texting is super convenient! I liked how I could view and edit the messages quickly. I also appreciated the responsiveness of their customer support."
Breann Montesanto,Marketing
University Medical Center
"Very easy and affordable to use, especially compared to other services... What REALLY impressed us was the phone call we received from your tech trainer in Austin, TX who was not just super-intelligent, but friendly and supportive."
Kim Secrist,COO
Scripcorp, LLC
“We use EZ Texting to administer a portion of our nutrition coaching… We have found that sending it right to them, eliminating the login or check your email step, has improved our read rate and adherence by at least 60%. In health and fitness, that’s the name of the game!”
Jaclyn Weber,Marketing Director
Faithfully Fit
"Easy to use, pricing is not too high in comparison to similar services, staff is very willing to help out users."
Destin Bell,CEO
Life Off U
“We reach hundreds of customers to inform of Education opportunities, promotions, new product launches also…Works perfectly, excellent customer service.”
Steve Brownlee,Assistant Manager
Professional Salon Concepts
“We send practice and meeting appointments and reminders. Yes, it just works and it's fast.”
Bob Cazet,Founder
Alumni Football USA
"It works far better and faster than email, very good support and effective results"
Steve Brownlee,Assistant Manager
Professional Salon Concepts
"We contact volunteers by text, alerting them to time-sensitive volunteer opportunities"
Sarah Nejdl,CEO
Families to Freedom
“We use it to remind tenants that their rent is due or past due. I would recommend EZ texting... It's easy to use and straight forward.”
Amanda Herish,Administrative Director
Shamrock Acquisitions LLC